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Cataloging Pre-1900 Canadiana Collection

Purpose: to provide instructions for creating original MARC (machine readable cataloging) records  for the national bibliographic utility OCLC and subsequently downloading bibliographic records to represent the collection in our online catalog, URSUS.

Setting up Template

  • Open OCLC application, Passport for Windows from desktop
  • Resulting dialog box will offer a couple choices.  Highlight and click open 'Canadian'.  Welcome screen will display.  
  • With cursor in the home position, upper left-hand corner, type: 'wfs' followed by the send key <F10> to send the command to OCLC.  This will produce a workform (template) to key data into on OCLC.
  • Type 'acd canada both' send <F10>.  This command will apply constant data to the empty template for both the fixed and variable length field sections

Note: All OCLC commands are entered in the home position in upper left corner of screen.  The function key template above the keyboard will help you to identify the necessary function keys for various OCLC commands.


Fixed field section

  • Constant data will fill in many of these fields but you will have at least 3 areas to add codes to from the worksheet provided by the Canadiana cataloger: 
    • language
    • country
    • dates.  
  • Check other fixed fields on the worksheet for additional values to be added or changed.


Variable length fields

For the purposes of keying in data, you can toggle back and forth between inserting text and overriding data already in the template.  The followng are field tags that often appear in a record.  For a complete list of  tags see the MARC 21 Concise format for bibliographic data.  Diacritics...

  • 007 - fill in the information for subfield 'f' of this field
  • 022 - ISSN (international standard serial number).  If provided on worksheet, key in.
  • 082 - Dewey call number
  • 110 2  - Corporate author field not always present.  Note the first indicator value must be defined. (No period at the end of this field).
  • 245 - Title field always present with the following subfields (subfield character on OCLC produced by typing <ctrl> d).
    • |h [GMD] general material designator which for this collection is always 'microform'.  Must use square brackets
    • |b - subtitle (if present)
    • |c - statement of responsibility
  • 260 - publisher field
  • 500 - note field (if present)
  • 533 - reproduction note.  Constant data will provide most content but must fill in accession number and date.
  • 300 - physical description
  • 310 - frequency of serial publication

Note: Records are often more than one screen.  Be sure to send edited fields <alt> F10 to save all your work before hitting the page down function key F4 to display the second screen and continue with edits.

  • 610 - corporate name as a subject heading (if provided).  Watch for 2nd indicator value '6' on worksheet which indicates a Canadian authorized heading as opposed to an LC heading.
  • 710 - additional corporate author access point (if provided).  Check indicators.  (No period at the end of this field).
  • 830 - series note.  Add the accession number to the constant data generated content.  Be sure this matches the number in the 533 field.
  • Type <alt> <F10> to save edited fields when you have finished keying in data on second screen.
  • Type <F2> to reformat record.  This clears out all of the unused fields in the template.  (Record may reduce from two to one screen).
  • Check record for spelling, missing data, indicators, subfield codes and punctuation.  Remember to use <F2> to page down to second screen to finish review.
  • Make a printout of the record  using the <F12> function key.   [Note: Printer should be set to the Epson 850 side printer]
  • Type 'save' then send <F10> key
  • OCLC will return a save number.  Write this and date on the original worksheet. (eg. /2342)


Review and revision

  • Return worksheet and printout to Canadiana cataloger for review.
  • When returned, open record in Passport using the save file number.
  • Make any necessary corrections and/or additions as indicated on reviewed record
  • Type 'upd' then send <F10> to update the record.
  • At this point the OCLC system validates the record you have created and will notify you of any fields that require corrections.  Instructions are fairly explicit however you may need to consult the Canadiana cataloger or Sharon.
  • When validation is completed, the system will return an OCLC number.  Write down on printout.

Adding local fields for downloading to URSUS

  • 092 - local call number field
    • Start of line character created by <ctrl> \
    • Macro defined on workstation may be applied here with the following data: 
          Fiche CIHM |b A00458
    • End of line character created by <ctrl> enter/return key
  • 949 - download command field
    • Another workstation defined macro as follows: 
          949 33    *recs-b110n;b1-s;b2-o;b3-a;ben-oro [F3 macro on DE's workstation]
    • Hit send <F10> key to download the record
    • 'xpo' send <F10> to export
  • Type 'ue' to unedit the record.  (Removes local fields from the record being shared through the OCLC national database.)
  • Make printout and attach to worksheet.  Return to Canadiana cataloger.
  • Ready for your next record.


Linked Records

If you have a set of records representing a serial with 2 or more title changes, you will be adding 780 and 785 tags to link the records together.  The subfield w of both these MARC fields contains the OCLC number.  When creating the first record you will not yet have the OCLC number to place in the 785 (Continued by) field.  Leave this blank and continue with record.  After you have created a subsequent record with a new OCLC number assignment, go back to the first record to update (lock and replace).

Lock and replace record

  • Call up record in Passport by OCLC number
  • In home position type 'lock' send <F10>
  • Make changes (in linked record example, type in missing OCLC number in the |w of the 785 field)
  • Type 'rep' send <F10> to replace the record.
  • Call up corresponding record in URSUS and update the 785 field as well using the full screen editor.

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