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Honors Theses Preliminary Cataloging

Purpose: To provide a procedure for preliminary cataloging of Honors Theses from University of Maine.

[Legacy process discontinued in February 2013.  See Honors College repository:]

Background: Student workers input descriptive cataloging information to a temporary database residing in the Library 15 directory. After a batch of records is added, it will be copied over to a permanent database on Library 17.  Catalogers then catalog from a template linked to that database, copy and paste to Connexion, export to OCLC WorldCat and, finally. export to URSUS.


  1. Go to Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Type in “library15”, click on Connect.
  3. Log onto library 15, enter username and password.*
  4. Open Access database (theses.mdb) on library 15: My computer-- C: drive – Theses.
  5. Select “Forms” under “Objects”, click on “Theses”.
  6. Type in information from Honors Thesis title page as follows:
  •  Title: Capitalize the first letter of the title and the proper name if presented.

  • Author: Copy as it appears on the title page.

  •  Birth year: Input the year if there is a birth date given in the vita.

  • PrePagination: Fill in the number of Pre-pagination if it is printed on the pages.  Disregard unnumbered sequences.

  • PageNumber: Give the number of leaves.

  • IncludeVita: Check the box if Vita is presented.

  • ReferencePageNumber: Fill in inclusive leaf numbers of the final bibliography. Do not confuse with endnotes.                                                      

  •  Degree: Select B.A. or B.S. from the built-in dropdown list.

  • Advisor: Omit “Dr.” in front of the name. Transcribe the name in direct order. Example: Steve Cohn, Professor of Sociology. If there are two advisors, enter two names, separate them by “;” (semicolon).

  • CommitteeMembers: Transcribe the Advisory Committee information started from the member after the advisor (s). Omit “Dr.” in front of the name.

  • Call number: Refer to procedure “Assigning Cutter Numbers for UMaine Theses

     7. Save the record. The Database will automatically supply an ID for the record. 

* Ask catalogers for username and password.

Full Cataloging Procedures for UMaine Theses

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