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Processing Learning Materials Center Resources: Outline

Purpose: To capture the essential tasks required for cataloging and physical processing of resources for the Learning Materials Collection

  1. Materials received from Acq on designated shelf in Karen’s work area
  2. Determine appropriate audience category
    • Picture book (JPic) JPic C437b i44624414
    • Juvenile - Juv 551.5|b.M575p Non-fiction example: i34065477
    • Young Adult (Teen) Teen 152.4|bB3882a b26892935
    • LMCFolio for materials that measure 40+ cm example: i4990274x
  3. Each category includes:
    • Non-fiction – Use 13th edition of DDC. Index in back useful for finding subject headings; use cutter table for author; search final call number in URSUS to be sure not already assigned (aka shelflisting).
    • Fiction – call number formed by use of one of three prefixes plus cutter for author followed by initial letter(s) of title. Examples:
      • Teen|bH918so i56345896
      • JPic C192tL    i52196008
    • When audience category is uncertain – consult Education Ref Librarian?
  4. LMC Reference – LC classification
  5. Textbooks – very rarely received. Use card file for cuttering by publisher
    • TextB 510 C86cg i41370624
  6. See procedure for LMC: Downloading from OCLC; includes stripping and plating and printing of labels [should remain status quo but will review]
  7. Affix the labels
  8. Apply plastic covers (place LMCFolio materials in hanging bags).
  9. Leave on designated shelf for Education Ref Librarian to review; notify by e-mail as they tend to come through in batches

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