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Processing Individual eBook Request from Request Form

Purpose: Guidelines for creating bibliographic record for the electronic version of a title derived from an existing print version record found in WorldCat based on Provider-Neutral E-Monograph Record standards.


In the past when cataloging open access eBooks requested by resource selectors catalogers simply added an "Also available via the World Wide Web" note and the link to the existing bibliographic record for the print version of the title. This "Single Record" approach had the advantage of, in addition to saving time, reducing the number of duplicate hits for titles, thereby reducing patron confusion regarding the availability of titles. However, the hybrid record also has the disadvantage of preventing scoping when retrieving titles in electronic format are desired. As more and more vendor-supplied records specifically designed for the electronic versions of the titles have been requested (many of these titles are electronic versions of titles that already have print records), the policy has such that we will represent print and electronic versions of the title separately in URSUS.  Effective 10/1/10


1. Find new entry from one of our resource selectors. Entry will look like this:

2. Search title in URSUS again to make sure there is no bibliographic record for the electronic version of the title.

3. Search OCLC in Connexion Client. 2 possible scenarios:

     a.  If bibliographic record for electronic version of the title found, download
    b.  If only bibliographic record for the print (or microform*) version of the title found, derive a new record from the existing record as follows:

  • Derive a new record by pressing CTRL+ALT+C. When prompted whether to transfer fixed field values, select Yes

  • Apply constant data <CTRL+U>. A screenshot of the variable fields of the constant data is pasted below:

Ebook Constant Data

  • Edit fixed field as needed:  Desc: a,  Envl: K , Srce: d , Form:o

  • 020 field: if there is an electronic ISBN (e-ISBN) as well as other ISBNs, record the e-ISBN in field 020 ‡a as the first ISBN, record other ISBNs in 020 ‡z, and copy the print ISBN (p-ISBN) to field 776 ‡z. If it is unclear which format the ISBN represents—as often occurs with simultaneously issued versions—then use ‡z for any ISBN in the e-version record

  • 050 field: add "eb" to the end of the call number. Example: TP480 ‡b .I45 2009eb. If there is no call number or only partial call number in the record, bring attention to original cataloger

  • 090 field: change 090 to 050, add "eb" to the end of the call number

  • 245 field: add ‡h [electronic resource] after subfield a, n, or p by applying Text Strings <CTRL+M>. Example:

          245 10 Advances in cryogenic engineering ‡h [electronic resource] : ‡b transactions of the International Cryogenic Materials Conference--ICMC / ‡c chief technical editor, U. (Balu) Balachandran. 

  • 263 field: delete if present

  • 300 field: add "1 online resource" in ‡a, include pagination in parentheses, followed by ‡b, exclude the original subfield ‡c. Example: 1 online resource (xvii, 422 p.) : ‡b ill. (some col.)

  • 530 field: delete if present

  • 776 field: copy Main entry heading, title, Place, publisher and date of publication, ISBN, OCLC#  from existing print record and paste after ‡a, ‡t; ‡d, ‡z, and  ‡w respectively to replace the "?" in constant data. Example:

         776  ‡i Print version: ‡a ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (6th : 2006 : Chapel Hill, N.C.). ‡t Opening information horizons. ‡d New York : ACM, 2006 ‡z 1595933549 ‡w (DLC)         2006297059  ‡w (OCoLC)76967397

  • 856 field: insert URL after ‡u. Delete all other 856 fields derived from the original record. If access is restricted add ‡z (UM Orono Access).  If open access add ‡z View ebook online.

  • Control headings <SHIFT+F11>

  • Update holdings <F8>

  • Export to URSUS <F5>

(Below is a screenshot of the before (right) & after (left) image with changes and enhancement highlighted.)


4. Check record in OPAC to make sure the link is working

*Note:  Should only record for a microform version of the title was found, make appropriate change in 776 field accordingly. Example: ‡i Microfiche version.  

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