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Smith Government Document Gift Processing

Purpose: The intent is to build up URSUS access for those never-cataloged pre-1976 materials that we consciously add to our collection. 

  • 1. Acquisitions (Kathleen) will count items for statistics, and search URSUS for a record. Acquisitions will place an orange ODOCS location flag in each item, along with an orange GIFT PLATE flag and the gift plate itself. The flags will be placed in separate pages in the item so it is clear there are two different flags. Separate labeled shelf.
  • If an URSUS record with a Fogler SuDoc number is found, the item will go direct to Cataloging. If no Fogler record is found in URSUS a search slip noting that will be placed in the book. 
  • Items not found in URSUS for Fogler will be sent to Gov Docs staff (Theresa), who will identify the correct SuDoc or other number and write it on the item itself (upper left-hand corner of cover) or on a label attached to the cover, as needed.
  • Gov Docs will send items to Cataloging for URSUS records and final processing. 
    • Items will be placed on labeled shelves in the new books area
    • Cataloging agrees to process 10/day if there are items available on the shelf.
    • SuDoc number in URSUS: Spacing is important. (Rule: all numbers and letters separated by a space or punctuation).
    • Cataloging staff will apply Gift plates, strips(? - check with Deb) and barcodes. A virtual gift plate will be added to the bibliographic record.
  • Cataloging will return cataloged materials to Gov Docs for shelving. 

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