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Theses Retrospective Project


As a local cataloging practice, theses advisory committee members have been traced in 700 fields as added entries to provide access points for searching. This has led to some confusion on the users’ end as in URSUS added headings for personal names have the display constant "Alt author."  In consultation with the Head of Special Collections, the policy has been revised to add the relator term “Thesis advisor” to advisor and/or co-advisors added entries and remove added headings for other advisory committee members.  (Feb 2006) [PROJECT COMPLETED; RETIRED FROM LIVE SIDE FEB 2015]


  1. Go to ETD database (, select the year under “Browse By Date,” click on “Search” to get the list of thesis titles under a specific year
  2. Print out the list
  3. Copy the title from the list and paste it into Sierra to conduct a title search
  4. Click on “Edit” to go to bib record
  5. Read 500 “Advisory committee” note to find the name(s) of advisor and/or co-advisors
  6. Add .|4ths to the end of the name of advisor and/or co-advisors in 700, period after the name, no space

Example: 700 1  Berkowitz, Sandra.|4ths

  1. Delete the rest of 700 added entries for advisory committee members
  2. Click on “Save” to save the changes
  3. Mark the done title on the printout list
  4.  Go to the next title 

* Example of one advisor: b38638757; example of two co-advisors: b38639026

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