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Cataloging Learning Materials Center Software

Purpose: To provide access through URSUS to Learning Materials Center (LMC) software titles, primarily CD-ROMs and floppy disks.  

Materials will usually be in a container with accompanying materials, such as guides.

Call #

Cataloging staff working with LMC, will assign call numbers, or OK call numbers on copy.  We will use a  Dewey call number with the pre-stamp "Software."

Example: Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia


GMD (general materials designator)

The GMD (subfield h) can be either [computer file] or [interactive multimedia]

Edition (250 field)

It will be important to check that the record used is for the correct edition.  It is not uncommon to find records for many different editions.  Sometimes software is included for both IBM and Macintosh computers and this may well be reflected in the edition statement.  There should also be a note to cover this situation.

300 field (physical description)

It will be necessary to be sure this field is complete, with all of the pertinent accompanying material listed in subfield e.  We will not be making a separate item for guides, etc.  This information will have to be covered in the 300 field and in an item message.

Summary note (520 field) is very desirable.

System requirements (538 field)

This field must be present.  You should find verification on the container or in a guide.  If the software can be used on either an IBM or a Mac, there will be two 538 fields.


There will be only 1 item created.  The barcode will be on the container.

Item loc = olmc
Mat type = c
I type = 61

The LMC has received many pieces of software from the College of Education.  These can be considered gifts.  (i2 = g)

Item message field (Insert a field and select 'm' for message) will contain a listing of the accompanying material.

Ex.: Contains 2 computer optical discs, 1 User Guide and 1 Activity Studies Guide.

Physical processing

Make a list of the parts of the software package and apply it to the outer container.  This will be the same information as appears in the 300 field and in the item message.  This serves 2 purposes.  It allows the patron to check to be sure he or she has everything before returning the material.  It also allows Dottie to check for completeness when checking the material in after circulating.

Place regular call #  labels on each disc container, and on each piece of accompanying material.  A round disc label on each CD-ROM, with ownership and call #.  Call # labels can be applied to floppy discs.  

Apply only 1 barcode, on outside of box.

Try to get a book plate on if called for.

Apply magnetic strip for security purposes.  Special circular strips available for discs.

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