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GovDocs Marcive Load: Adding Item Records to Orphan Bib Records

Purpose: To create item records for bibliographic records that have been imported to URSUS as part of the monthly Marcive Gov Doc load.  A small number of records each month come through without item information and are suppressed from public view.


Marcive summary is sent by the System Office to the Head of Technical Services, who forwards list of "orphan" records to cataloging and serials staff for processing of monograph and serial records, respectively.  For each record:

  1. Open Sierra Cataloging.  Call up the bib record.
  2. Edit the bibliographic record header:
    • Click the Edit icon.
    • Branch = oro.
    • Input library = y (System Office).
    • Initials = y (System Office) Very important -- this step unsuppresses the record.
    • Save bib record.
    • Copy contents of 086 call number field to clipboard (Select, Ctrl-c).
  3. Add the item record:
    • Go to: Summary, View Item.
    • Click: Attach New Item.
    • Select: Single Item, follow the defaults.
    • IType = 40 (gov doc).
    • Location = odoc.
    • Status = - (available).
    • Call number: When using Attach New Item wizard, you must first click on the Call number option in the drop-down menu (rather than simply entering information into the first text box given). This adds the MARC tag index (090). Change 090 to 086 and paste the call number from the clipboard (Ctrl-v).
    • Accept remaining defaults without entering further data.
    • Save item record.

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