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Epson Printers and Label Production

Purpose: To pin down all of the requisite settings for software and hardware relevant to printing book labels from both the Connexion and URSUS interfaces.

I. Hardware: Physical Printer settings for Epson Printer LQ-2180 

A. Physical Printer Settings

  • Font = Courier [this setting moot as interface software overrides]
  • Pitch = 12 [buttons on front of printer itself] 
  • Platen lever = 5 [correct tightness for labe feed to avoid slipping]

B. Tips for Physical Printer Adjustments

  • Put in pause mode while making adjustments
  • For horizontal (up and down) positioning -  Perforation between labels should line up with pencil mark on left tractor feed clamp 
    • Use micro adjustment button on front of printer to adjust. 
    • Use right platen knob for even finer horizontal adjustments 
  • URSUS label positioning - Label feed should line up 1 cm (just to the right of arrow on back of paper feed) from RIGHT edge of left paper guide.  
  • Connexion label positioning - Up AGAINST the right edge of the left paper guide for Connexion. [Marked with small label and arrow] 
  • Turn printer off for 10+ seconds when switching from URSUS to Connexion label printing to clear buffer memory. 

II. Software Settings

A. Operating System 

From the Start Menu on your workstation select:



            Right click LQ-2180 printer icon then "Properties" for dialog box

                Select "Device Settings" tab

                    From Tractor feed pulldown window select: "SL4 LabelForm" 

[Note: This option available ONLY if OCLC label program is installed on the PC.  Otherwise see web site:


B. QVT/Term software (ascii interface to URSUS) 

  1. 5.1 is latest version of the URSUS ascii interface software. Be sure it is installed on your workstation
  2. From the "Printer" menu be sure "Transparent Mode" is checked off as indicated below:


C. OCLC's Connexion ( browser based interface) 

  1. Be sure the label program software is installed on the workstation.  There should be an icon on the desktop.
  2. Open a search session of Connexion at
  3. Select a record. From the "View" pulldown window at the right and top of the screen select: "Label in Label Program".  A dialog box will appear and the following settings should be in place: 
  • Printer: EPSON LQ-2170 ESC/P 2    [Note: This read 2170, not 2180 as the previous model driver is recommended by OCLC to support the label printing program]
  • Font: ALA BT Courier
  • Font size = 12
  • Form: Continuous [for tractor feed]
  • Print Offsets:  leave defaults for top and left at 0.0 

See screen display below:

An important aside for printing records rather than labels from URSUS using QVT/Term software:  

You will need to go under the "File" menu, select "Printer Setup" and choose the network printer.  See below:

Remember to set the printer choice BACK to LQ-2170 to resume label printing!  

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