Printing Spine Labels

Settings on the Physical Printer

  1. Make sure the "Forms thickness Lever" on the left side of the printer is set between Levels One to Three (top left).
  2. Make sure the Paper Select lever is set in the lower position from the top (front right).
  3. Feed in the paper by lifting the front cover.
  4. Vertical alignment of tractor feed labels - Pull the left and right tractor locking levers up to unlock the tractors. Open the left and right tractor doors and place the paper holes over the second or third pins of the tractor unit. Adjust the tractors to the paper width as needed. Close and lock tractors (use the Line Feed button on front of printer to adjust incrementally).
  5. Horizontal alignment – will need to be adjusted depending on paper type. Usually several test prints are required.

(Note: all other options for setting font, cpi, etc. indicators on the front of the printer will be overridden by Sierra software settings as outlined below). Tip: If you switch the Paper Select lever and the printer beeps, that means it has moved offline despite still being powered on. Select "start/stop button" to clear .

  1. Retrieve a record.
  2. Open an item record.
  3. On the top menu bar, select Tools > Print Monographic Label (Label Printer).

Tools--Print Monographic Menu

  1. A smaller window prompted out. On that window, select File > Select Printer > Label Printer.

Select Printer menu

  1. Select “Local Printer” on the prompted out window,

Select Label Printer window

  1. On the prompted out window, under General / Print Service / Name , Select the “Name” of the Printer.

Local Printer Settings

  1. Under Format tab set (see dialog window below):
  • Radio button set to graphic
  • Lines per page to blank or 0
  • Font size to 8 (default)
  • Character margin to 0 (default)
  • Click "Print" button to apply

Local Printer Settings

  1. Click OK, and go back to the window of the step 4.
  2. Click Print, then select Local Printer. Click OK.

Select Label Printer

  1. On the prompted out window, under General > Print Service > Name , Select the “Name” of the Printer. Then click print.

Print (Label Printer)

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