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Online only: closure for checkin cards

Purpose: To identify and close checkin cards for periodicals that have changed format from print to online only.

Create review file

Search for active checkin cards that have ONLINE in a checkin box as in screen shot below.

Screen shot of review file strategy for collecting online only checkin cards

Sort as shown below by checkin update date. Oldest updates generally appear in the beginning of the list. This will put the records updated more recently at the end of the file. [Note: Sorting by data in checkin card boxes, such as the last-entered volume/issue not currently possible in Millennium. ]

Screen shot of sort strategy for online only checkin records

Working with the Review File

  • Open the review file in Millennium's Serials Module
  • What to look for:
    • Last checked in 2007 or earler
    • Investigate physical holdings (eg. Choice Reviews on Cards)
    • Confirm physical holdings in given location (eg, Ref, stacks, acq)
    • If bib record indicates "electronic resource" confirm active link in place by checking public display
    • microforms - clean these up as well
    • Issues needing binding
      • foor complete volumes note title to pursue.  Upon return from bindery continue below
      • Partial volumes [eg: c4006811] policy is to toss if intended for bound periodical stacks
  • Retain holdings on the checkin RECORD (eg. 1995-2000)
    • Closing out the holdings statement or adding statement building on holdings as represented in checkin card.  Confirm physically as last resort.
  • Delete checkin card: Under Tools --> Card menu --> Delete Card OR Right click box --> Card menu --> Delete card

Special Cases

1. Limited retention:  1) Remove card 2) order record should have status z for canceled.  3) Suppress bib record (initials = "n") if no other library has holdings

2. Holdings in print AND microform: Create 2 holdings records, one with oper location and one with omic location with respective holdings.  Remove any redundant labels.

3. Standing orders catalogued separately - use same procedure

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