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Entering a New Serial Record: Standing Order

Purpose: To enter a new record in URSUS for new journal titles received as standing orders.

Keying a New Record

Enter the following URSUS commands and respond to prompts as indicated.

  • O> Ordering and Receiving Subsystem
  • K> Key New Order

Enter your logon ID and password when prompted.

  • 2> Bib and Order records
  • 3> Serial : Serial, Full

1> cusmai : Orders - usmai
2> oumeor : Orders - usmeor
3> cumepi : Orders - umepi

  • Check for duplication? Y/N Yes (or No)
  • Use today's date as order date? <ret>
  • Use today's date as received date? No
  • Print purchase orders for all, no or some records?
  • Foreign currencies in estimated prices? No
  • Do you want to Key MARC records? Yes
  • Do you have substitution phrases?
  • Are all options as you want them?

NOTE: Be sure all bibs are typed in capitals (upper case)!

The system will then run through these fields:


branch (oro) acq. type
cat date location
material type requestor (code)
input library (O) div/sch (h,s,t)
initials (unless suppressing, then "N" cat status
pubn number est. price
author form
title fund
alt titles order type
publisher rloc
physical description vendor
subject requestor (name)
continues vendor note
continued by internal note

Check all fields. Pay special attention to:


  • country (defaults to code for USA)


  • odate (order date)
  • language (defaults to English)

If the vendor is EBSCO, put the EBSCO number in orec vendor note. For example:

  • 024-893-398 RB7791000/01 EBSCO

Insert Subject/Department codes in the order record, in numerical and alphabetical order.

Check to see if any other fields need to be added to the order record such as:

  • customer number
  • identity
  • vendor address

Make any needed changes, then Quit and add the record to the database.

If you are printing a purchase order, be sure to put a note in Sirje's box!

*Note: Attaching an order record to an existing bib record is done in Update mode, as is attaching/creating a checkin record.

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