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Creating a Minimal Level Record for a Serial

Purpose:  To create an MLR (minimum level record) to expedite the ordering process for a serial title.  Suitable for title changes and new titles including new online resources.

In Sierra SERIALS module (URSUS):

  • Click File in upper left-hand corner of the screen
  • Click New Record
  • Choose Bibliographic Record;
  • Choose from template options "Serials".  You will be prompted for the following fixed fields:
    • Branch = oro (for Orono)
    • Cat Date = double click for calendar date selection; select today's date
    • Mat Type = s (for Serial)
    • Input Libr = o (for Orono)
    • Initials = o (for OSF); default to Sharon's initials
    • i PUBN # = type in ISSN number
  • Next MARC field prompts will appear for variable length fields
    • 022 field (ISSN #): skip if not available
    • Author = skip by clicking Next
  • Title = type title in ALL CAPS.  *Note: in the second blue square box after 245, back up the cursor to put the number of skip characters needed for a leading article (eg. A=2, An=3 or The=4).  Also Sierra auto checks for duplicate titles.  Review results screen and then close.
    • Alt Title = skip by clicking Next
    • Continue inserting any information readily available (eg. publisher). Hit "next" to move through MARC fields presented including subject
    • x Continues = IF a title change, type in the old title
    • Continued by = skip by clicking Next
  • Next you will be prompted for attached order record field information
    • Acq Type = p (for periodical)
    • Location = ocper (for current periodicals), fund = 763 (for current periodicals)
    • Skip Requestor and all other prompts except Vendor (eg. ebs for Ebsco) if that information is given
  • If a title change, the Periodicals Assistant will transfer the old attached order and check-in records to the new bib record.
  • In either case the Periodicals Assistant will check-in any physical issues available.
  • Generally the MLR will be replaced by a full bibliographic record:
    •  Periodicals - generally through activation of the title in the Serials Solutions Client Center which will generate an OCLC record through the 360 MARC program or
    • Online databases - an overlay record found or created by Kim

*Note:  Serial Info. must haves are:  ISSN #, Title, and x Continues = Old title (if it's a title change)

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