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Checking-in Newspapers

Purpose: To check in physical issues of our newspaper subscriptions, some of which arrive daily.

Begin by logging onto Millennium Serials module.

  1. Search
    • From Index pull down select the title search option
    • Type in the newspaper title (eg. Bangor Daily News)
    • Read check notes regarding weekend vs. daily edition check in (eg. Sun Journal)


  2. Check in issue
  • Whatever box is highlighted will be checked in  (NOTE: be sure to check the issue in hand against the automatically highlighted box.  May not be the same.  Move mouse to appropriate box to switch to another issue)
  • Click checkin box or type c.  Check for the following details -- don't assume the projected information is correct.
    • Dates (will prompt if not already in the box)
    • Notes: enter notes if needed (eg.: partial number of copies received)
    • For modifications (eg. incorrect date for paper coming in thrice weekly)
      • Highlight the boxes to be changed.  Hold the <ctrl> key to highlight multiple boxes.
      • Right click on one of the boxes highlighted
      • Select the "box menu"
      • Select "update boxes as a group"
      • In resulting dialog box see window options for updating cover date, expect date, volume, etc. 
      • Click OK when changes done
    • Insert any new boxes before checking in the last box otherwise card status will change to f=filled.   (Adding a range of boxes for dailies is more efficient) 
    • If card is filled, go to the top and delete range of boxes
    • Set aside copies headed for Special Collections archive (eg. Bangor Daily News)
    • Count and deliver rest to North checkout desk.  Circulation staff will then date with Sharpie.
    • For Special Collections copies, apply their stamp and place on shelf by water cooler.  Staff will pick up daily.
    • Close checkin card and save changes

    3. Check in record updates (as need)

  • Expect dates: review to be sure in sync with time of receipts in hand; seldom required.  If so:
    • Click last box checked in
    • Hold down and highlight subsequent expected boxes
    • Right click and select box menu --> update boxes as a group
    • In resulting dialog box check boxes for expect dates
    • Check box for cover dates if that requires updating as well
  • Card status: Go to parameters to change if necessary.
  • Checknotes: Delete as necessary.

    4. Print label -  does not apply.

    5. Claiming - does not apply.

Additional Tips

  • If more than one copy arrives and our records indicate one current subscription, check the label on the paper.  May need to route to other campus locale.  Bring to on-campus out bucket in the Mail Room. 

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