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Creating Local Holdings in OCLC for Rejected ILL Requests

Purpose: To record in OCLC the detailed holdings of a serial title.  OCL tutorial also available at:

"LHR" or "Local Holdings Record" is a record added to OCLC that indicates the holdings at a specific library.  These records are used by interlibrary loan departments to determine which libraries to choose when requesting material.   

Check the ILL Spreadsheet

Open file S:\Files_for_ILL\Local_Holdings\lacking_not_owned_(CURRENT DATE).xls.  This spreadsheet contains two types of records: "Lacking" and "Not Owned."  Titles listed as "Lacking" are titles which we own, but ILL requests are coming in for volumes/years that we do not have.  Title listed as "Not Owned" are titles that we do not own at all.  Work on one group at a time.  To view the "Lacking" titles, click on the + symbol next to "Lacking."   To view the "Not Owned" titles, click on the - symbol next to "Lacking" and then click on the + symbol next to "Not Owned." 

Local Holdings 

  1. Check to see if there have been 5 or more recent requests for the title
  2. Copy the OCLC number below the title

Connect to OCLC Connexion

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Login (You must allow pop-ups)

Not Owned Titles

Verify Holdings on URSUS

  1. Search for the OCLC number in Millennium
  2. If we do not have the title you will need to remove our holdings from OCLC

Removing Holdings from OCLC

  1. Go to Connexion
  2. Search for the record by OCLC number.
  3. Click on the Action menu
  4. Choose "Remove Holdings"

Lacking Titles (we own the title, but lack some volumes)

Verify Holdings on URSUS

  1. Search for the OCLC number in Millennium
  2. Take note of our holdings:
    1. For print material, look at our checkin and/or item records and note our holdings
    2. For electronic journals, go to the View menu and choose View Public Display
    3. Click on the link in the record to view the title in our ejournals portal
    4. Note the "permanent" holdings (See: Permanent Holdings for Ejournals)

Creating the Local Holdings Record (Connexion Browser at

  1. Search for the record by OCLC number.
  2. Click the Action menu
  3. Choose "Create Local Holdings"
  4. In the "Functions" menus to the right of the 853 and 863 fields, choose "Delete Field"
  5. Click on the Edit menu
  6. Choose "Apply CD from list"
  7. Select "Electronic Journal CD" or "Print Serial" (Note: "CD" stands for "Constant Data")
  8. Edit the Summary line, 853, 863, and 866
  9. Clear out any 856 fields
  10. Under the Action menu select "Add Record"
  11. Click on OK
  12. You should get a green "Record added" message; if you get red error messages, fix the errors and try again

Permanent Holdings for Ejournals

Ejournals holdings are considered "permanent" if we have access through:

  • Direct subscription (EBSCO EJS titles)
  • Purchase of an online archive (JSTOR)
The following databases and aggregators are not considered permanent holdings:
Academic Search Complete Business Source Complete Business & Company Resource Center
Education Full Text Environment Complete Health Source
Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center Lexis Nexis Literary Reference Center
Literature Online (LION) MAS - Ultra MasterFILE Premier
Middle Search Plus Points of View Reference Center Primary Search

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