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Bindery Shipping via UPS

Purpose: To describe the process for preparing and receiving periodical volume sent to Bridgeport Bindery using UPS as of September 2009. 

I. Periodicals

  1. Send shipment out the first Monday of every month
  2. Take trucks of journals to mailroom with estimated number of boxes needed
  3. Pack journals in designated spot
  4. Put Shipment Summary form in box 1 before sealing with tape
  5. Attach Bridgeport's Box Content Label to end of each box in set
  6. As a rule estimate weight at 32 lbs.  May occasionally need to weigh if seems heavier. Packer use judgment
  7. Log into UPS online and fill out form. Form should have some data pre-populate (eg. address) and will autofill other data.
    1. In section 5 for reference numbers, enter the Bridgeport Account number. 
    2. Important: Under section 6 for "Bill Shipping Charges to" be sure to change the default from Univ. of Maine Library to "Bill the Receiver" (last option in pulldown menu)
  8. Print out shipping labels from
  9. Print receipt which includes  tracking numbers.  File receipt
  10. Tape shipping labels side by side with Box Content labels, keeping the numbering 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc  consistent with both labels.  Remove or black out previous labels
  11. Materials returned in two and a half weeks. 

UPS order form 

II. Theses from Other Departments

  1. Pack into Bridgeport Boxes
  2. Weigh boxes to provide an estimate
  3. Print UPS labels with account nos. for individual departments on  labels under Reference #1
  4. Attach Bridgeport Box Content labels
  5. Turnaround is 4 weeks. Returned directly to the department not the Library unless by previous arrangement

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