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Preparing Issues to Send to the Bindery

Purpose: To check out materials to the bindery which notifies patrons they are temporarily unavailable.

  • Begin by logging into Millennium Serials
  • Select "To Bindery Icon" from lefthand function menu
  • Click search and begin typing in titles from pullslips
  • For each title:
    • Highlight boxes to be sent out
    • Click "To Bindery" button
    • In resulting dialogue box for first title in a session, change date to reflect when the materials will once again be available to patrons.  Click box to display calendar for date selection.  Set to Thursday after return from bindery which is Monday every two week.
    • Click OK; note changes to checkin card boxes
    • Close and save changes
  • Work through batch of titles
  • Now done with checking out materials to the Bindery and ready to print LARS bind slips

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Created by: Sharon Fitzgerald  | Revised: 01/10/2014

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