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Preparation of Microforms for Interlibrary Loan

Purpose: Instructions for sending out a reel of microfilm on Inter-library loan


 1. Sort the requests into two categories—monographs and serials.

  Monographs on microform those that have been assigned call numbers (Cutter numbers) and are housed in the blue cabinets near the Collaborative Media Lab. The reels from the Census collection in the Microfilm Room are also monographs. You’ll notice that they have call numbers, too.
  Serials are reels for such publications as newspapers, magazines, and journals.  They do not have call numbers. They are located in the Microfilm Room and are shelved alphabetically by title.  The exception to this location is the group of  four titles whose runs are split between there and the Microform Overflow Area.

Check monographs to see if there is already a barcode on the microfilm box. If not, check with the Department's Library Assistant II for assistance. Monographs are mailed in their own cardboard boxes.   Serials are transferred into metal tins so they can temporarily be assigned a barcode.

2. Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for date dueCheck the reels out to Inter-Library Loan.

Section A:  Sending out monographs using the barcode on the box.

When opening the Circulation module in Millennium, a window pops up that asks, “Print date due slips?” Select "No".


In the text box after “Key or Scan Item or Patron Barcode,” type “no-ill lending.”  The “n” tells the system you’re about to type in a “name”; the rest is an abbreviation for Orono ILL.  Press Enter or click on Search.

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for patron name
Master window for Millennium circulation module


Next, scan (or type) the barcode located on the microform box. A popup ← window titled "Message" will appear.




Select “Override” in this popup.  Another similar window  will appear. 

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for override

Select “Override” in that one also.

Change the due date by clicking on the button at the right that says “Change Due Date.” Select a new due date within the calendar, and click “OK.”

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for new due date

IMPORTANT: Go down to the Search / Holds Option in the sidebar on the left. If necessary, use the drop down menu next to the Index: field to search by b BARCODE. Scan the barcode on the reel.

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for bar code scan

Double click on the item record for this reel. (Below, this is the line highlighted in blue.)

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for opening item record

Check the field labeled ICODE2. If it has a letter “n” there, change it to a dash. Then choose Close.

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for filling in ICODE2

Monograph reels are now ready to be given to the ILL department to be mailed out.


Section B: Sending out serials using a barcode on a separate tin.

If the piece has been transferred to a tin, the system will not recognize the barcode. When you scan it, a large grey window comes up — almost the size of a full screen —  labeled “Item-on-fly.”

Option One is to type the title to find the record for this item. The on-the-fly information will appear to the public when they access URSUS.

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for filling in the piece title

For newspapers, the correct record is typically one that has the word newspaper in brackets following the title.

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for identifying correct record for a newspaper

Note → When you select a record, the next screen asks you to "Select a Template". Choose cofi: Circ on the fly item.

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for choosing correct template

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step for choosing correct location code


You will be led though a series of prompts for information. The first one is location. Change it to "omic" and click on "Next".


From there, choose:

  • Copy: leave at 1 and press Enter or click on Next.
  • I type: change to 11 (for a microform rather than 1, which is a book) and click "Next".
  • Call #: Not needed for a serial item. Click Next.
  • Volume: All in CAPITAL LETTERS type the date range of the reel, and/or a reel number as the volume.

After typing this information and click "Next". This will end the series of prompts. Click on the Close icon in the upper right hand corner and Yes to save.  Follow the instructions above to finish out the transaction. Choose "Override" and "Yes" to recognize that this is an On-the-fly transaction. Change the due date for all the reels being checked out.

Option Two is to create separate on-the-fly records for each reel being checked out. The disadvantage to this is that the records are suppressed from the public display.  However, if you cannot quickly identify an appropriate record through a title search, you can select the "New" icon in the menu at the top of the screen.

Screen shot of Millenium circulation step opting for a new record

A series of pop-up windows and prompts, much like those mentioned above, appear.

  • The first prompt is for the author. This isn’t usually needed, and you can skip it by pressing Enter or clicking on "Next".
  • You will then be asked for the title. This one is important. All in CAPS, type the full title and the dates of the reel.
  • After clicking on "Next" once in a while a screen will come up indicating that the title you just typed closely matches another one already in the system and thus this might be a duplicate record. This is fine for an on-the-fly record. Just close this window (by clicking on the “Close” icon).
  • The next window that pops up is labeled “Select Template.” From here, the procedure is the same as above. Go back to the "Note →" above and follow the instructions from there down.
  • Scan the barcode on the next tin and repeat this process for all reels being sent out ILL.

Finally, close the ILL record so that others in the library can access it. If it is left open, everyone else is locked out of it.


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