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Requests for New Online Index or Database

Typically, requests come in via New Online Source form <> or emails from Deb or Sharon.  October 2012 update in light of architectural changes to the Indexes and Databases database and subsequent UMS Standards Committee policy changes. February 2015 update in light of the addition of the impact of title changes on database resources utilized in LibGuides.

Indexes & Databases
Subject Headings
Proxy Server
Notify Library Community

  1. Check for duplicates

    1. Check Indexes and Databases on Mariner for title or title variations
    2. Check Fogler Library for title or title variations
    3. Search URSUS to be sure a record has not already been created; consider title variations

  2.  Indexes & Databases update

    2. Modify existing record or add a new record;
    3. Confirm Subject Headings are consistent with Mariner.
    4. Enter info from request
    5. After you save the changes, right-click on title in Indexes list and copy the URL
    6. Try the URL to see if it works.
    7. If you get a proxy error, you'll need to request the administrator update the Proxy Server
    8. A title change in will cause an existing URSUS record link to break. Overlay any existing URSUS record with an updated record and generate a new link, described below.
    9. If a database listing is deleted, notify Nancy Lewis so that it may be removed from the LibGuide A-Z Database List.

  3.  URSUS record creation

    1. Catalog in URSUS (or update existing bib record)
    2. If creating a record for export from OCLC, enter any authenticating URL only after the record has been brought over to URSUS
    3. Record should have Orono order record attached
    4. If exporting a record from OCLC, include a 949 3 3 line
    5. Return to the I&DB Staff Interface; hover over the appropriate, named link; right-click and 'Copy link location' (see step 1d above) and add as an 856 4 1 line in URSUS
    6. The URL will read[Title]
    7. In the event that a title change causes a record to be overlaid and a new URL generated, notify Nancy Lewis so that links in the LibGuide A-Z Database List may be updated accordingly.

  4. Subject Headings for the Academic Portals

    1. Log in to Portal staff interface:
    2. For instructions see:

  5. Proxy Server update

    1. For instructions see:

  6. Notify UMS Library Community (IF resource is free or licensed system or statewide)

    1. Send notice via the URSUS listserv, URSUS@LISTS.MAINE.EDU: [UMaine has added the following open-access databases to Mariner and URSUS. As these are free resources, please feel free to add your library to URSUS and the I&D record.]. Provide the resource title and a copy of the permanent link from URSUS in the e-mail.

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