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URL Checker Using Millennium Tool

Purpose: To regularly review Orono imported records captured in a review file for valid 856 field links. 

Create Review File

Parameters for the review file of about 49,000+ bib records named ORO: URL Checker Deluxe are as follows (saved as...) :

  1. Mark Tag 856 field has ://
  2. 049 field does not have MEUD (to eliminate govdocs)
  3. Branch = oro OR Branch = owebb (use "group" button option to add parentheses)
  4. 001 field does not have ss (excludes Serials Solutions records)
  5. Branch ALL fields don’t have LAW
  6. Branch ALL fields don’t have LWEBB
  7. 856 fields ALL fields don’t have Shoemaker (excludes the early American imprints microform, all with same database link)
  8. 856 fields ALL fields don’t have docutek (reserve records exclude)
  9. 856 fields ALL fields don’t have catdir (excludes the LC table of contents records) 

Update Review File

  1. Highlight file in Create Lists Mode
  2. Click the Search button
  3. In resulting dialogue box say "yes" to over-write existing file
  4. Update file name with current date
  5. At bottom of screen select "Use existing search"
  6. Select file again and let run

URL Checker: Interactive Mode

  • Select the URL Checker Icon at the bottom of the lefthand navigation bar in Millennium Cataloging Mode.  Display will default to "Automatic Report" which is for all records and generated by the UMS Systems Office.
  • To create an interactive URL checker report, select the "Create" icon
  • Select radio button for "Specify another range"
  • Under "Range" pull down menu select "Review"
  • From resulting "Review" pull down menu select designated review file for ORO URL Checker.  This will take 2-3 hours to run.  You can minimize the screen and leave running while using other applications, or another session of Millennium, on your workstation.
  • Once the interactive report file is ready select "Interactive" button. 
  • Take a screen shot of the resulting interactive report display.  Will look much like the image capture below.  Copy and paste the image to a file on your desktop to keep for future analysis and comparisons with other report runs. 

Note: This interactive file can be replaced by another library in the system.  Be sure to contact Maine Infonet office and active URL Checker users at other URSUS libraries before displacing an existing interactive file.  Currently, Law Library is only other active user.

Screen shot of URL Checker Results Page

Address Results Screen Categories

As shown above, the results display defaults to all category boxes being checked off.  For ease of navigating the results list, uncheck all but the category you are working on at any given time.  Complete corrections to that category before moving to the next one. 

Ideally completion of all category reviews and corrections should not exceed 5 business days from run of file.  Notify Sharon when completed so she can notify the Systems Office should other libraries want access to the process.

Ignore (no action taken)

  • Moved Temporarily
  • Connection Times Out
  • Connection Refused

First Priority

  • MovedPermanently
  • NotFound
  • Malformed

Second Priority

  • Forbidden
  • Service Unavailable
  • No URL
  • HTTP Version Not Supported
  • Unauthorized
  • Internal Service Error
  • Host Unreachable

Action Options

Highlight a record in the results list.  Select the edit button.  This will bring up the full bib record in order to edit.  Always test a corrected record by going to View--> Public Display and trying the new link out.

  • Find correct URL and update
  • If no correct URL available, delete 856 (unless GovDoc; update 856 tag to 949)
  • If no correct URL available and the record is shared, change 856 tag to 949 in order to suppress link
  • If bib record is for online version only and 856 no longer functioning, suppress entire record
  • Keep statistics of your updates 

Category Examples

Special Cases

  1. Link not found for edition in record but a more current edition is available on the Internet. - 949 the existing link and leave bib if the tangible holdings attached.  Then download bib record for edition with active link.  See b38835757 and ...
  2. If you happen to encounter a serial record with a link to a specific volume and you discover a higher level page with links to multiple volumes (editions) exists, go ahead and update the link accordingly. 

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