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Document ID:CET1998-001
Document Type:Thesis
Author:Andrew R. Jordan
E-mail Address:
Title:Wetpreg Reinforcement of Glulam Beams
Department:Civil Engineering
Committee Chair:Habib J. Dagher, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Advisor
Chair's E-mail:
Committee Members:Beckry Abdel-Magid, Associate Professor of Composite Materials Engineering, Winona State University, Minnesota; Stephen Shaler, Professor of Wood Sciences & Forest Engineering
Subjects:Laminated wood; Phenolic resins.; Plastic coatings
Date of Defense:1998


Glued-laminated timber (glulam) is an engineered wood product made by adhering dimension lumber together to form a larger structural member. By combining fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) technology with glulam, it is possible to dramatically increase glulam strength and stiffness, to negate the need for high quality tension laminations, to reduce beam size, to decrease strength variability, to increase ductility, and possibly to reduce glulam cost. A "wetpregn process was used to form the FRP, by impregnating E-glass fabric with a phenolic resin. Following impregnation, the wetpreg FRP was applied to glulam made from eastern hemlock timber. Strength and durability were tested for wood-wood, wood-FRP, and FRP- FRP bonds for several different materials and processes. Full scale beams were tested to ultimate failure in bending. Reinforced beam results were compared against unreinforced beam results.

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Jordan, Andrew R., University of Maine, CET1998-001


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