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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

November, 2022
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Call Number Title Publisher
D117.A2 T738 2022Why Study the Middle Ages? / Kisha G. TracyLeeds : Arc Humanities Press, [2022]
D13.2Singular pasts : the I in historiography / Enzo Traverso (translated from French by Adam Schoene and revised by the author)New York : Columbia University Press, 2023
D17Die frommen Byzantiner und ihre bosen Nachbarn : das 7. Jahrhundert (582717) in der Chronographie des Theophanes Homologetes[S.l.] : VERLAG DER OSTERREICHISCH, 2022
D638.A7Ravished Armenia and the story of Aurora Mardiganian / edited by Anthony SlideJackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2014
D742.P9Island at war : Puerto Rico in the crucible of the Second World War / edited by Jorge Rodríguez Beruff and Jose L. Bolívar FresnedaJackson, MS : University Press of Mississippi, [2015]
D769.85.A7 S54 1986War and wartime changes : the transformation of Arkansas, 1940-1945 / by C. Calvin SmithFayetteville : University of Arkansas Press, 1986
D801.G7 P37 2022The island of extraordinary captives : a painter, a poet, an heiress, and a spy in a World War II British internment camp / Simon ParkinNew York : Scribner, 2022
D804.3HOMER, HUMANISM, HOLOCAUST : jewish responses to the crisis of enlightenment during world war ii[S.l.] : PALGRAVE MACMILLAN, 2022
D804.7.M67 C47 2017Repentance for the Holocaust : lessons from Jewish thought for confronting the German past / C.K. Martin ChungIthaca : Cornell University Press : Cornell University Library, 2017
D805.5.S63From euthanasia to Sobibor : an SS officer's photo collection / edited by Martin Cüppers, Anne Lepper, and Jürgen MatthäusBloomington, Indiana : Indiana University Press, [2022]
E159This contested land : the storied past and uncertain future of America's national monuments / McKenzie LongMinneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, [2022]
E184.36.E84Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews in AmericaPurdue University Press, 2015
E184.36.E84 G76 2021Beyond the synagogue : Jewish nostalgia as religious practice / Rachel B. GrossNew York : New York University Press, [2021]
E184.36.M54Wandering Jews : global Jewish migration / Steven J. Ross, editor, Steven J. Gold, guest editor, Lisa Ansell, associate editorWest Lafayette, Indiana : Purdue University Press, [2020]
E184.J5 .A447 2013ebAmerican politics and the Jewish community : the Jewish role in American life / Bruce Zuckerman, editor Dan Schnur, guest editor Lisa Ansell, associate editorWest Lafayette, Indiana : Purdue University Press for the USC Casden Institute for the Study of the Jewish Role in American Life, 2013
E184.J5 D65 2018Doing business in America : a Jewish history / Steven J. Ross, editor, Hasia R. Diner, guest editor, Lisa Ansell, associate editorWest Lafayette, Indiana : Purdue University Press, [2018]
E185.61 .B697 2013Shocking the conscience : a reporter's account of the civil rights movement / Simeon Booker with Carol McCabe BookerJackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2013
E185.86 .I87 2022It's our movement now : Black women's politics and the 1977 National Women's Conference / edited by Laura L. Lovett, Rachel Jessica Daniel, and Kelly N. Giles featuring the photographs of Diana Mara HenryGainesville : University Press of Florida, [2022]
E185.93.M6To write in the light of freedom : the newspapers of the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Schools / edited by William Sturkey and Jon N. HaleJackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2015
E185.93.M6 H37 2014ebWednesdays in Mississippi : proper ladies working for radical change, Freedom Summer 1964 / Debbie Z. HarwellJackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2014
E185.93.M6 K46 2014Ed King's Mississippi : behind the scenes of freedom summer / Rev. Ed King and Trent WattsJackson [Mississippi] : University Press of Mississippi, [2014]
E185.97.H35A voice that could stir an army : Fannie Lou Hamer and the rhetoric of the Black freedom movement / Maegan Parker BrooksJackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2014
E269.I5 H47 2019ebNo useless mouth : waging war and fighting hunger in the American Revolution / Rachel B. HerrmannIthaca : Cornell University Press, 2019
E322.1 .A23 2021A view from abroad : the story of John and Abigail Adams in Europe / Jeanne E. AbramsNew York : New York University Press, [2021]
E332.2American Messiah Holowchak, M. AndrewAbilene Christian University Press 2020
E450.S85 D54 2022Vigilance : the life of William Still, Father of the Underground Railroad / Andrew K. DiemerNew York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2022
E457.32Abraham Lincoln's wilderness years : collected works of J. Edward Murr / J. Edward Murr edited by Joshua ClaybournBloomington, Indiana : Indiana University Press, [2022]
E580.6 12th .G35 2010ebThe ragged rebel : a common soldier in W.H. Parsons' Texas Cavalry, 1861-1865 / B.P. GallawayAbilene, Tex. : Abilene Christian University Press, [2010]
E743.5 .W34 2021ebRed dynamite : creationism, culture wars, and anticommunism in America / Carl R. WeinbergIthaca [New York] : Cornell University Press, 2021
E76.7 .I53 2018ebIndigenous Research : Theories, Practices, and Relationships / edited by Deborah McGregor, Jean-Paul Restoule, and Rochelle JohnstonToronto Vancouver : Canadian Scholars, 2018
E77.6Becoming Kin : An Indigenous Call to Unforgetting the Past and Reimagining Our FutureMinneapolis, Minnesota : 1517 Media, 2022
E78.M73 B37 2012ebMississippi's American Indians / James F. Barnett JrJackson : University Press of Mississippi, [2012]
E78.M82 C47 2017ebThe winged : an upper Missouri River ethno-ornithology / Kaitlyn Chandler, Wendi Field Murray, María Nieves Zedeño, Samrat Clements, Robert JamesTucson : The University of Arizona Press, 2017
E860 .S47 2020Evil deeds in high places : Christian America's moral struggle with Watergate / David E. SettjeNew York : New York University Press, [2020]
E907After Obama : African American politics in a post-Obama era / edited by Todd C. Shaw, Robert A. Brown, and Joseph P. McCormick IINew York : New York University Press, [2021]
E908.3Race and the Obama phenomenon : the vision of a more perfect multiracial union / edited by G. Reginald Daniel and Hettie V. WilliamsJackson : University Press of Mississippi Jackson, [2014]
E909.O24 A3 2022The light we carry : overcoming in uncertain times / Michelle ObamaNew York : Crown, [2022]
E912 .I47 2021The impact of the presidency of Donald Trump on American Jewry and Israel / Steven J. Ross, editor, Steven F. Windmueller, guest editor, Lisa Ansell, associate editorWest Lafayette, Indiana : Purdue University Press, [2021]
E93 .B633 2015American Indians and the rhetoric of removal and allotment / Jason Edward BlackJackson [Mississippi] : University Press of Mississippi, [2015]
E93 .D217 2023Cultivating empire : capitalism, philanthropy, and the negotiation of American imperialism in Indian country / Lori J. DaggarPhiladelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2023]
E93 .S87 2018Interrupted odyssey : Ulysses S. Grant and the American Indians / Mary Stockwell©2018
E98.M6Native American Catholic Studies Reader : History and Theology / David J. Endres, editorWashington, DC : The Catholic University of America Press, [2022]
E99.I7 H33 1981The Iroquois and the New Deal / Laurence M. HauptmanSyracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 1981
F1029.5.C27 H37 2022Dominion over palm and pine : a history of Canadian aspirations in the British Caribbean / Paula HastingsMontreal Kingston London Chicago : McGill-Queen's University Press, [2022]
F1032Les colonies du Haut et du Bas-Canada avant et à l'époque des rébellions[Place of publication not identified] : Presses de l'Université Laval, 2022
F1060.7.K32 K32 2022From the frozen sea to buffalo country : the life and times of Henry Kelsey of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1667-1724 / edited by Arthur J. Ray, OC, FRSCToronto : The Champlain Society, 2022
F129.B7 D38 2012City son : Andrew W. Cooper's impact on modern-day Brooklyn / Wayne DawkinsJackson : University Press of Mississippi, [2012]
F1435.3.A7El Renacer de Los ReyesOxford : Archaeopress, 2022
F1435.3.P7 C67 2019The democracy development machine : neoliberalism, radical pessimism, and authoritarian populism in Mayan Guatemala / Nicholas CopelandIthaca [New York] : Cornell University Press, 2019
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