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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

February, 2021
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Call Number Title Publisher
D102 .W565 2016ebGeschichte des Westens : Von den Anfängen in der Antike bis zum 20. JahrhundertMünchen : C.H. Beck, 2016
D113.5Essays in medieval history / edited by T.A. Sandquist and M.R. Powicke. Presented to Bertie Wilkinson[Toronto] : [University of Toronto Press], [1969]
D116In their own words : practices of quotation in early medieval history-writing / Jeanette BeerToronto : University of Toronto Press, 2014
D116 .A37 1998ebAfter Rome's fall : narrators and sources of early medieval history : essays presented to Walter Goffart / edited by Alexander Callander MurrayToronto, Ont. : University of Toronto Press, ©1998
D116 .B3 1967ebThe race of time : three lectures on Renaissance historiography / by Herschel Baker[Toronto] : University of Toronto Press, ©1967
D13The Ever-Changing Past : Why All History Is Revisionist HistoryNew Haven : Yale University Press, 2021
D13.2 .D3813 2010ebA passion for history / Natalie Zemon Davis conversations with Denis Crouzet edited by Michael Wolfe translated by Natalie Zemon Davis and Michael WolfeKirksville, Mo. : Truman State University Press, ©2010
D131Aspects of late medieval government and society : essays presented to J.R. Lander / edited by J.G. RoweToronto London : Published in association with the University of Western Ontario by University of Toronto Press, 1986
D15.B8 S54 2004ebJacob Burckhardt's social and political thought / Richard SigurdsonToronto, Ont. : University of Toronto Press, ©2004
D16 .M382 2004ebPast futures : the impossible necessity of history / Ged MartinToronto [Ontario] Buffalo [New York] : University of Toronto Press, [2004]
D16.117Digital histories : emergent approaches within the new digital history / edited by Mats Fridlund, Mila Oiva & Patri Paju[Helsinki] : HUP, Helsinki University Press, 2020
D16.25 .W75 2005The professionalization of history in English Canada / Donald WrightToronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, ©2005
D16.9 .G65 1995ebTime as history / George Grant edited with an introduction by William ChristianToronto [Ont.] : University of Toronto Press, ©1995
D2010The legacy of division [electronic resource] : East and West after 1989 / edited by Ferenc Laczó and Luka Lisjak GabrijelcicBudapest New York : CEU Press, Central European University Press, 2020
D21.3 .B48 1997Between history and histories : the making of silences and commemorations / edited by Gerald Sider and Gavin SmithToronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, ©1997
D250Transformation on the Southern Ukrainian steppe. Letters and papers of Johann Cornies. Vol 1 : 1812-1835 / harvey L. Dyck John R. Staples Ingrid I. EppNorth York : University of Toronto Press 2015
D250Food matters : Alonso Quijano's diet and the discourse of food in early modern Spain / Carolyn A. NadeauToronto : University of Toronto Press, 2015
D250Brothers or enemies : the Ukrainian national movement and Russia, from the 1840s to the 1870s / Johannes RemyToronto Buffalo London : University of Toronto Press, 2016
D285.8.C4 C37 2020ebCasanova in the Enlightenment : from the margins to the centre / edited by Malina StefanovskaToronto : Published by the University of Toronto Press in association with the UCLA Center for Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies and the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, 2020
D352.9 .F75 2004Stranded in the present : modern time and the melancholy of history / Peter FritzscheCambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2004
D359.7 .G73 1996Beyond Eurocentrism : a new view of modern world history / Peter GranSyracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 1996
D413.M56 U45 2011ebJean Monnet and Canada : early travels and the idea of European unity / Trygve UglandToronto [Ont.] : University of Toronto Press, ©2011 (Saint-Lazare, Quebec : Canadian Electronic Library, 2011)
D424A People's History of Europe : From World War I to TodayLondon : Pluto Press, 2021
D520.C2A peculiar kind of politics : Canada's Overseas Ministry in the First World War / Desmond MortonToronto : University of Toronto Press, 2018
D53 .R63 2021Forgery and Memory at the End of the First Millennium / Levi RoachPrinceton : Pinceton University Press, 2021
D539.5.C8Men under fire : motivation, morale, and masculinity among Czech soldiers in the Great War, 1914-1918 / Jirí HuteckaNew York : Berghahn, 2020
D547.C2 C537 2013ebMerry hell : the story of the 25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Regiment), Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919 / Robert N. Clements edited by Brian Douglas TennysonToronto [Ont.] : University of Toronto Press, 2013
D547.C2 I37 2008ebShoestring soldiers : the 1st Canadian Division at war, 1914-1915 / Andrew IarocciToronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, ©2008
D547.C2 N933 2019Nous nous souviendrons. Le Québec dans la Première Guerre mondiale : Sacrifice, détermination, victoire 1914-1919 / sous la direction du brigadier-general Richard Giguere (retr.)[Quebec, Quebec] : Presses de l'Universite Laval, [2019]
D56.52.M66 M67 2007Momigliano and antiquarianism : foundations of the modern cultural sciences / edited by Peter N. MillerToronto : Published by University of Toronto Press in association with the UCLA Center for Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies and the William Andrew Clark Memorial Library, [2007]
D581Des Kaisers Piraten in der Südsee und im Südatlantik : Der Einsatz deutscher Hilfskreuzer in der ersten Phase des Ersten WeltkriegesWiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 2018
D59 .P76 2013ebPrologues to ancient and medieval history : a reader / edited by Justin LakeToronto : University of Toronto Press, [2013]
D627.G3 K55Ruhleben, a prison camp society / J. Davidson Ketchum with a foreword and postscript by Robert B. MacLeod[Toronto] : University of Toronto Press, [©1965]
D639.C4 F58 2011ebBoys and girls in no man's land : English-Canadian children and the First World War / Susan R. FisherToronto [Ont.] : University of Toronto Press, [2011]
D639.P77Polarity, patriotism, and dissent in Great War Canada, 1914-1919 / Brock MillmanToronto : University of Toronto Press, 2015
D640 .C724 1981But this is our war / Grace Morris CraigToronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, ©1981
D650.T4 N37 1963Land and power : British and Allied policy on Germany's frontiers, 1916-19 / by Harold I. NelsonLondon : Routledge & K. Paul Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1963
D653Twilight of empire : the Brest-Litovsk Conference and the remaking of East-Central Europe, 1917--1918 / Borislav ChernevToronto Buffalo London : University of Toronto Press, [2017]
D743.S742 S78 1993The sound of war : memoirs of a CBC correspondent / Peter StursbergToronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, ©1993
D757 .B54 1997ebWerwolf! : the history of the National Socialist guerrilla movement, 1944-1946 / Perry BissiscombeToronto [Ont.] : University of Toronto Press, ©1998
D768.15 .C66 2020Forever changed : stories from the Second World War / Tim Cook and Britt BraatenOttawa (Ontario) : Canadian War Museum, 2020
D779.C2 M5 1985North Atlantic run : the Royal Canadian Navy and the battle for the convoys / Marc MilnerToronto : University of Toronto Press, ©1985
D784.C2 M55 1994xThe U-boat hunters : the Royal Canadian Navy and the offensive against Germany's submarines / Marc MilnerToronto : University of Toronto Press, ©1994
D786 .C57 1995Ocean bridge : the history of RAF Ferry Command / Carl A. Christie with Fred HatchToronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, ©1995
D799.N4 S36 2018ebBücher für den Widerstand : Untergrundliteratur in den besetzten Niederlanden 1940-1945 / Carina SchmidtWiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 2018
D802.L5 D313 2009ebForest brothers : the account of an anti-Soviet Lithuanian freedom fighter, 1944-1948 / by Juozas Lukša translated and with an introduction by Laima VinceBudapest New York : Central European University Press, 2009
D803 .B76 1997ebCasual slaughters and accidental judgments : Canadian war crimes prosecutions, 1944-1948 / Patrick BrodeToronto Buffalo : Published for the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History by University of Toronto Press, ©1997
D803 .M365 2000Unauthorized entry : the truth about Nazi war criminals in Canada, 1946-1956 / Howard MargolianToronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, ©2000
D804.196Exile A Memoir of 1939Chicago, IL : Ohio State University Press
D804.3 .H5413 2020The Anatomy of the Holocaust : Selected Works from a Life of ScholarshipNew York, NY : Berghahn Books, Incorporated, 2019
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