Maine Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Programs Directory

The MEMAP Directory is a current listing of ongoing programs that systematically monitor or assess environmental and ecological factors in the state of Maine. MEMAP provides a description of programs and direct links to program websites and downloadable data (if available). It is updated seasonally.

The purpose of MEMAP is to make it easy for teachers, students, researchers, stewardship groups, policymakers, and other citizens to quickly locate current monitoring data and findings that scientifically document changes in Maines environment.

MEMAP includes programs that monitor or assess any environmental factor in Maine (or relevant to Maine) on a regular basis. Program sponsors include government agencies, academic institutions, citizen stewardship groups, school groups any effort that is ongoing and systematic. Programs that are listed monitor diverse factors such as air quality, birds, breeding amphibians, stream flow, snow pack, weather, water quality, and many others.

Monitoring programs can be searched using keywords, program name, sponsoring organization, resource category, or watershed(s). Search results provide a list of matching programs, brief description, and direct links to program web sites. Click [here] for more details about using MEMAP.

MEMAP was started in 2001 by Molly Schauffler, stemming from a National Science Foundation (NSF) science education fellowship. In 2007 the database was updated and moved to the University of Maine Fogler Library, with support from the University of Maine/ NSF EPSCoR Forest Bioproducts Research Initiative and Fogler Library.

MEMAP is supported by the University of Maine Climate Change Institute, Center for Science and Mathematics Education Research, Fogler Library, the UMaine Forest Bioproducts Research Initiative, UMaine Dept. of Earth Sciences, The George Mitchell Center for Environmental and Watershed Research, and the National Science Foundation.

We rely on public input to keep MEMAP current. To suggest corrections or updates, or for more information, please contact:

Molly Schauffler, Assistant Professor
University of Maine Climate Change Institute
Center for Science and Mathematics Education Research
300 Bryand Global Sciences Building
University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469

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