Fogler Library Faculty Newsletter 2-7-18

Managing Your Citations Workshop, R for Beginners Workshop

In this issue:

  1. Managing Your Citations Workshop
  2. R for Beginners Workshop

1.  Managing Your Citations Workshop
Date & Time: February 13, 5pm-7pm
Location: Fogler Library Classroom

Large research projects, especially theses and dissertations, involve extensive use of a variety of publications. It’s difficult to locate and organize these materials and their citations, and to represent these references in the required format.  Citation managers can be a big help on this side of the research process.

This workshop is intended to provide an overview of citation management software. We’ll use examples from multiple managers to demonstrate the capabilities and usefulness of these tools. As well, we will discuss some of the considerations in choosing a citation manager.

If you’re about to embark upon a significant project, or you’ve begun a project and are feeling a bit overwhelmed by its complexity, this workshop may be a big help. To attend, please RSVP online.

3. R for Beginners Workshop
Date & Time: February 8, 6pm-8pm
Location: Fogler Library Classroom

Fogler Library will host a workshop on R, a widely used language and environment for managing, graphing, and analyzing data of all forms (e.g., spatial, quantitative, and qualitative). This introductory workshop is presented in collaboration with UMaine’s Advanced Computing Group. Laptops will be provided. If you would prefer to attend via Adobe Connect instead, email for connection information.

About the Presenter
Professor Aaron Weiskittel is the Acting Director for the Center for Research on Sustainable Forests, which is leading efforts to use “big data” to improve forest management in the region. Aaron has used R since its early beginnings and has helped several students learn the program.