Fogler Library Faculty Newsletter 5-9-18

Scheduling Library Instruction, Access to Fogler When Traveling Abroad

In this issue:

  1. Scheduling Library Instruction for Your Students
  2. Access to Fogler When Traveling Abroad

1. Scheduling Library Instruction for Your Students
As you prepare for the summer and fall semesters, remember that librarians in the Reference and Information Literacy Department at Fogler are available to provide instructional sessions and/or web guides for your students. These sessions can cover specific databases or a variety of research materials that will aid your students in their class work. Contact Nancy Lewis at or at 207-581-3613 for more information.

2. Access to Fogler When Traveling Abroad
If you are planning to travel out of the country and would like to ensure access to Fogler resources while you are away, please contact your Subject Librarian ahead of time.