Fogler Library Faculty Newsletter 11-14-18

November Grants 101 Workshop, Data Visualization with R and Python

In this issue:

  1. November Grants 101 Workshop
  2. Data Visualization with R and Python


1. Grants 101: Seeking, Analyzing, and Writing Basics
Date & Time: Friday, November 16, 9:00 am – 11:00 am

The Office of Research Development and Fogler Library are sponsoring “Grants 101: Seeking, Analyzing, and Writing Basics” throughout 2018–2019.

At the workshop, participants will:

  • search for grants in PIVOT
  • analyze an agency’s Request for Proposals
  • learn grant writing basics

 RSVP here; space is limited.

2. Data Visualization with R and Python
Date & Time: Thursday, November 29, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Fogler Library Classroom 1

This hands-on session will cover basic plotting capacities of R and Python including bar chart, histogram plot, box and whisker plot, scatter plot and much more. This workshop is presented in collaboration with UMaine’s Advanced Computing Group. We recommend bringing fully charged laptops, with R and RStudio already installed. Laptops will be available for attendees who need to borrow one. If you would prefer to attend via Adobe Connect instead, email

About the Presenter
Dr. Bruce A. Maxwell started exploring computer science as an undergraduate at Swarthmore College. He went on to obtain an M.Phil. in Speech Recognition at Cambridge University and a Ph.D. in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University. He taught for two years at the University of North Dakota and nine years at Swarthmore College before going to Colby College in the fall of 2007. His interests include robotics, computer vision, computer graphics, scientific data analysis and visualization.