Fogler Library Faculty Newsletter 2-6-19

R Workshop for Beginners, 45,000 Titles with Safari Books Online

In this issue:

  1. R Workshop for Beginners
  2. 45,000 Titles with Safari Books Online

1. R Workshop for Beginners
Date &Time: February 12, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Fogler Library Classroom 1
Fogler Library will host a workshop on R, a widely used language and environment for managing, graphing, and analyzing data of all forms (e.g., spatial, quantitative, and qualitative). This introductory workshop is presented in collaboration with UMaine’s Advanced Computing Group.

We recommend bringing fully charged laptops, with R and RStudio already installed. Laptops will be available for attendees who need to borrow one. If you would prefer to attend via Adobe Connect instead, email for connection information.

About the Presenter
Amanda Klemmer is an Assistant Research Professor with the School of Biology and Ecology and Ecology and Environmental Science Program. She teaches the Basics in R Programming Language class at UMaine and has led multiple workshops on the language.

2. 45,000 Titles with Safari Books Online
The library is pleased to announce that Safari Books Online now offers more than 45,000 titles and unlimited simultaneous users. Previously there were only 3,000 e-books for access by only two users at a time. Safari Books Online provides full-text access to creative and business e-books and videos from leading publishers such as O’Reilly, Pearson, Wiley, Packt, Harvard Business Review, and others. Topics include desktop and web applications, software development, network administration, artificial intelligence, operations, data, UX design, finance, leadership, and more. You can access Safari Books Online through the Library’s index and databases page.