Fogler Library Faculty Newsletter 4-26-2022

LGBTQIA2+ Learning & Affirming Challenge Still Available

In this issue:

  • LGBTQIA2+ Learning & Affirming Challenge Still Available
  • Featured Resource: Special Collections Finding Aids

LGBTQIA2+ Learning & Affirming Challenge Still Available  

If you missed our LGBTQIA2+ Learning & Affirming Challenge, you can still participate at a time that’s convenient for you! This self-paced program remains live and accessible, and includes brief tasks designed to help participants learn, listen, share insights, and take action around topics related to sexual orientation, gender identity, intersectionality, and LGBTQIA2+ affirming learning. We invite you to take the Challenge!

Featured Resource: Special Collections Finding Aids

Manuscript material held by Raymond H. Fogler Library’s Special Collections Department covers a wide range of subjects reflecting historical events, business, education, arts, and sciences. This gallery provides downloadable finding aids for the department’s largest collections, those where it seemed particularly valuable for researchers to be able to search and browse the titles of folders within larger collections.

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