9-8 Creating a Word doc from an Excel list

Purpose: To create a Word document from an existing Excel list (using Mail Merge function of Word)

  1. Open Word
  2. Click on “Mailings” tab
  3. Click “Start Mailing merge”
  4. Choose “Directory”
  5. Click “Select Recipients”
  6. Choose “Use Existing List”
  7. From the “Select Data Source” box, find and choose your Excel file
  8. Click “Ok” in the “Select Table Box”
  9. Click “Insert Merge Field”
  10. From the dropdown list, choose the fields that you wish to appear in each entry
  11. Format the fields as needed (add bolding, bullets, etc.)
  12. Click “Preview Results” to see how your entries will appear and make adjustments if necessary
  13. Click “Finish and Merge”
  14. Click “Edit Individual Documents”
  15. In the “Merge to New Document” box, choose “All” and click “Ok”
  16. Your list will appear (it may take a minute or so depending on the length)