Fogler Library’s Mission

The mission of the Libraries of the University of Maine is to identify and provide the information and library resources needed by members of the University community in their study, teaching, research, public service and professional development; to serve as the designated State Research Library for Business, Science and Technology (P. & S. 1999, ch. 33, Laws of Maine); to instruct and assist in the use of library resources and services; to share in the development and implementation of the University’s educational and research programs; to cooperate with other libraries in meeting the information needs of the people of Maine; to provide leadership in the development and delivery of library services in Maine; and to participate in state, regional, and national professional library activities.

In fulfilling this mission, the Libraries are committed to the following objectives:

  1. To determine library requirements for instructional and research programs by maintaining regular contacts with academic departments and University administration, and by serving on curriculum planning committees;
  2. To develop and coordinate a collection development program, with input from faculty, that addresses current needs and future projections;
  3. To acquire, organize, catalog and maintain the necessary recorded information, both print and nonprint, in those fields pertinent to the programs of the University;
  4. To acquire and maintain comprehensive collections of materials related to the University and the state of Maine;
  5. To acquire and maintain a comprehensive collection of U. S. government publications, and an extensive collection ofCanadian government publications;
  6. To provide effective and timely access to information not available in the Libraries’ collections;
  7. To develop and maintain a strong, service-oriented staff;
  8. To assist students, faculty and other library users in the effective retrieval of information;
  9. To teach library competence in support of academic work and lifelong learning;
  10. To publicize and promote library resources and services;
  11. To provide convenient, comfortable facilities for study and for use of library materials and services;
  12. To promote constructive working relationships with other libraries. To participate in cooperative projects of bibliographic access, and to develop mutually advantageous approaches to collection policies and interlibrary cooperation;
  13. To improve staff performance and job satisfaction by encouraging internal communication, shared decision making, career development, and staff participation in workshops, conferences, and other professional activities;
  14. To engage in systematic planning and reviewing of library policies, systems, and services;
  15. To maintain an awareness of developments in librarianship and information technology, and to utilize new techniques and systems where feasible.