1-13 Adding open access online documents

Purpose: To prepare free digital documents for cataloging.

Selectors may occasionally order materials that acquisitions staff discover to be available free online in one or more of the following formats: .doc, .pdf, .htm, etc.

Or, selectors may recommend to head of collections that an open access document be cataloged due to its importance.

  • Do not order, unless it is clear the librarian realizes an online format is available, and is specifying paper format anyway on the order
  • Do not print a hard copy to be cataloged unless that format is requested for Special Collections archives.  Then print double-sided on a black and white or color printer as appropriate, and give to binding.
  • Do not download the file to be stored on a server and cataloged. Instead, inform head of collections, who will usually ask cataloging staff to create an URSUS record with a “statewide” open access link.