1-15  Ordering video

To order video content, based on faculty request for course use. Format supplied will be based on factors such as course requirements, cost, and availability for library purchase or license. Note: Acquisitions will not be able to fulfill all video requests, because many titles are available only to individual subscribers of services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., or are not available at all in the U.S. market.

Streaming film vendors

  • Alexander Street Press (ASP) (ProQuest) – Contact ASP sales rep or order through OASIS account. ASP can also host video files we purchase even if not in their catalog; contact them first to make sure files meet their hosting requirements.
  • Direct-from-producer purchases/leases
    Some films can only be ordered from the producer, small distributor, or studio rather than a major  third-party vendor. The film may be supplied as a file transfer, a DVD, or both. The Head of Collection Services will determine how access is provided; e.g. hosted locally, or by services such as Alexander Street Press.
  • Docuseek2 – Log in to place an order under our account. Offers a small number of documentary films, but is the exclusive provider for some titles.
  • Films Media Group – Sells both DVDs, and streaming leases.
  • Kanopy – Sells streaming leases. Log in to place an order under our account.
  • Swank – The Swank account for the UMaine System is managed at UMaine Augusta. It is used to supply films needed for online-only courses. Swank content includes feature and foreign films, and documentaries. Faculty can contact UMA library directly with requests, but Acquisitions staff can search the catalog and direct them to UMA if appropriate.
  • other sites and vendors that might be used if needed:
    • https://www.justwatch.com/us – useful to see which platforms are available to institutions and individuals for a given film title. Sometimes lists free-with-ads viewing options. Not always 100% accurate,  does not list all films, but a good first stop.
    • https://groups.google.com/a/lists.berkeley.edu/g/videolib/about is a listserv for librarians and others for video-related discussion. It can be useful to the search archives for film titles or topics related to academic licensing. Membership required.


DVDs can be ordered like other firm orders from a variety of sources, like Amazon, film distributor or producer sites, etc.

General ordering procedures

  • Pre-search
    • Head of Collections will perform a pre-search of UMaine catalogs and databases before approving orders, and will usually specify format and vendor for order.
  • Order record and related tasks
    • Create normal Sierra order record unless ordering from Kanopy or requester was referred to UMA for Swank (we do not enter order records for Kanopy or Swank)
    • Order record format code: DVD=2, streaming=y
    • Put course number, semester/year, and faculty requester name in the internal notes
    • If a limited-time streaming license is purchased, notify Cataloging to create an Orono record and supply the expiration date of the film lease, so they can add it to the link text in URSUS. Also supply faculty name so they can notify of availability. Maintain calendar reminder to have Cataloging suppress the item record on the expiration date (currently Head of Collection Services does this)
    • If a DVD is purchased, send to Cataloging per usual firm order process, but include a note for Circulation with faculty name, course number, and semester needed. (Circ adds clips to the University’s media platform, or places DVD on reserve, and notifies professor when ready.)