1-16 Standing orders


To set up an ongoing, “standing” order for a monograph series that has a regular or irregular publication schedule.


Standing orders are usually set up in GOBI (mostly print format) or EBSCONET (electronic and print formats). Occasionally they will be set up directly with a publisher or other vendor.

General ordering procedures

  • Pre-search
    • Head of Collections will perform a pre-search of UMaine catalogs and databases before approving orders, and will usually specify format and vendor for order.
    • A decision about how series titles will be cataloged and classed will likely be made at the time of setting up the standing order. Some sets use series title and volume numbers only, and would be classed together and represented by a single bib record. Some series may consist of different topical monographs for which it’d be more appropriate to “Cat sep” with a separate monograph record per volume, with unique author, title, and subject data; these could be classed together or separately.
  • Order record and related tasks
    • Specific directions on how to create order records in Sierra can be found here 
    • Fund code for standing orders is 767
    • RLOC and BLOC fields should be 7 for standing orders