1-17 Cancelling an order record in Sierra

Purpose: To make an order record in Sierra inactive. This is due to the order being cancelled (by us or the supplier), or because we are returning the book and will not be reusing the order record for a replacement.

  1. In Sierra, go to Place Orders under the Acquisitions section of the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the order record # number in the dialog box. Or, search by title.
  3. Change status to “z”.
  4. Replace the location code with – – – –
  5. Enter a cdate (this suppresses the order record from public view)
  6. Remove the rdate (if any)
  7. Insert an internal note describing the reason for the return
  8. If the order record is attached to a bib record that only we are using, suppress the bib record by clicking the edit button and entering “n” in the initials field. DO NOT do this if other libraries are using that bib record as well.