1-18 Tranferring an order record from one order record to another in Sierra

Purpose: to transfer an order record from one bibliographic record to another.

  • In Sierra, open both the bibliographic record and order records that you wish to combine.
  • Select the window for the order record and click Edit in the top left drop-down menu (do not use the edit button on the top right).
  • Scroll down and hover over Transfer attached.
  • The number of the bib  record you want to transferto should appear. Click on this bib record number. (If it is not there, locate by clicking Find Bib and manually searching for it).
  • The order record will transfer over to the chosen bib record. A prompt will offer to delete or retain the old bib record. Unless the bibliographic record is currently in use (has other items attached or is part of a series), you want to delete the bib record when prompted.