1-5 Ordering with Amazon MaineStreet Marketplace

Purpose: Instructions on purchasing with our Amazon Account in MaineStreet Marketplace, one of our primary vendors for purchasing materials.

General Info:

  • We order many of our books through Amazon, as they provide timely, reliable service and reasonable prices. If we need a book rushed for use by faculty or for a class, Amazon would be one of the first places to look (besides the bookstore on campus).
  • Items ordered using this account allows items to be paid from our general acquisitions budget lines (fund codes beginning with an “o”) AND from our gift/restricted account funds.
  • The account is administered by Fogler’s financial manager. They are the primary name listed on the account, and they will need to add your name to the account before you can begin ordering.

Ordering info:

  • When ordering from a private seller on Amazon Marketplace:

• Take into account the reputation of the vendor (in general, it may be best to order only from those who have a 90% or better rating, with over one hundred reviews).
• The quality of the book (we usually only buy “New” or “Like New” items, although you can always email the vendor to ask about the book’s condition. Beware of highlighting, missing CD-ROMs, the wrong edition, etc.).

Receiving info: