1-6 Ordering Canadian firm order titles with ProQuest (OASIS)

Instructions for purchasing titles through Proquest/OASIS (formerly Coutts), our primary vendor for Canadian firm orders.



  1. Oasis – Retrieve orders
  2. Sierra – Load records
  3. Sierra – Output to Proquest

1. Oasis – Retrieve orders

  • Sign in to Oasis database.
  • Check your inbox under the Review Titles pull down menu. Titles chosen by the Canandian Studies Librarian appear here.
  • Either work from the inbox or use the Quick Search box (upper right) to enter the TITLE OR ISBN. If too many results are generated, it may be helpful to click on Filters, and box will pop up to add more search parameters.
  • To select desired record, hover cursor over the Action arrow and click Shopping Cart Now from drop down menu. To delete an item from cart, hover over Action, and then click on Delete.
  • When all orders have been entered, select Shopping Cart from top right menu.
  • Go to Order Info tab at bottom of page below record display.
  • Enter the Sierra fund code and location code.
  • Click  All Titles on List button.
  • Check boxes for Fund, Quantity, Location Code, and Selector. No need to enter PO number.
  • Click on Fields Checked Below. Ordering information will automatically be applied to all items in shopping cart.
  • Click on Process List. Pop up window will appear.
  • Check box for Checkout Orders. Drop down box should read “Download Marc and Clear”.
  • Click Download. Check to see that file has transferred to PC desktop.
  • Click Process. Oasis portion of ordering procedure is now completed.

2. Sierra – Load records

  • In Sierra, go to Data Exchange (right drop down menu).
  • For Select Process, choose ‘Load records via locally-created load profiles’ from drop down menu .
  • Click Get PC. Upload box appears.
  • Go to desktop (from menu) and select the file that was imported from Oasis.
  • Click on Upload.
  • Question will pop up, “Are you sure? Please choose accepted suffix for Marc Records”. There will be two options from pull down menu, .lfts and .marc. Choose .lfts.
  • Click OK. Bibs will be loaded.
  • Select file from list (it’s helpful here to click on Last Modified heading and bring your new file to the top for easy retrieval).
  • Click Prep.
  • Click Start. System checks for errors (goes quickly).
  • Click Close.
  • New file will appear with .mrc extension (again, Last Modified helps to locate). Highlight new file and select Load F at the top of page.
  • Click Load, then Close
  • Go Up one level.
  • Go to Create Lists.
  • Highlight empty ORO file.
  • Click Copy.
  • Scroll down to select file that reads “Load: inserted records + your file name”.
  • Message pops up, “Do you want to remove the file being copied from?”. Click Yes.
  • Select another empty review file.
  • Click on Search Records.
  • In Review File Name text box enter name for new file.
  • From Store Record Type menu choose Order.
  • From File Type pull down menu choose Review.
  • Select your review file from drop down list (it will say – “Load: Inserted records for…”).
  • Click Search.
  • Message will pop up, “No search criteria have been specified. Retrieve all records in range?” Click Yes.
  • Go to Selection List (right drop down menu).
  • Select the review file just prepared from list. Click Start.
  • Make sure all orders are checked/highlighted for ordering.
  • Check the Queue PO box.
  • Enter the order date.
  • Click On Order. Records will disappear, indicating they are ready to be FTP’d.

3. Sierra – Output orders to ProQuest

  • Go to Print/Send Orders in the “Function” drop down menu.
  • Selection List Session Report pops up. Click OK.
  • From drop down menu, select (#) purchase orders to FTP. The number of orders to FTP will appear.
  • Select FTP, then FTP ALL, and FTP.
  • Host connection screen will open to transfer file. Choose files.proquest.com.
  • Click CONNECT.
  • Enter login information.
  • Double-click drop off directory.
  • Click Put.
  • Click Disconnect.
  • Click Close.
  • FTP completed. Delete sent entries? Click YES.

Note: the following fields are specific for Proquest Canadian order records in Sierra

    CNTRY/KEYR: c (for Canada if applies)

When books arrive, see instructions for invoicing Proquest books and preparing physical books for Cataloging