1-8 Ordering with Purchase Orders

Purpose: Purchase orders are used to request books from a particular vendor. The vendor then sends the books with an invoice that we need to pay.

Most of our books and ebooks are purchased using a credit card or with funds from an already existing deposit account. In some cases, particularly when ordering from a small publisher or individual, we will send them a purchases order.

Blank purchase order forms are located in the shared drive.

  • Enter the vendors address, telephone number, email, ISBN, Title and the total cost and, including any shipping charges.
  • Generate an order record in Sierra. and include the order record number on the form.
  • If the vendor is not aware that we are a tax-exempt institution, let them know and include a copy of our tax exempt certificate found in the share drive.
  • Check Mainestreet to see if we have ever purchased from this vendor or individual before. If we have not, we will need to have them fill out a W-9 form (W-8 BEN or W8BEN-E if they are outside of the US). We don’t need to have this form until we are ready to pay the invoice, but this is a good point in the ordering process to obtain it.
  • Send copy of purchase order to vendor with a W-9 or tax exempt certificate if necessary.
  • Once books arrive, follow  Invoicing procedures.