1-9 Ordering with Purchasing Card

Purpose: Procedures for using a University Purchasing Card (pcard) for ordering books.

1. Obtaining a Purchasing Card
2. Using a Purchasing Card
3. Documenting Purchasing Card Orders
4. Entering Purchases into Sierra


  1. Obtaining a Purchasing Card (Credit Card – Visa)

  • The Fogler financial manager typically initiates the procedure for obtaining a pcard and is the primary resource person for most questions regarding its use.
  • The pcard is issued by the University of Maine System procurement card administrator.  All staff must complete certain training and testing requirements prior to issuance.  The attached documents provide information about acquiring the card, and the rules and regulations governing its use.


  2. Using a Purchasing Card for library purchases

  • Generally, the pcard is used when:
    • the vendor/seller will not send materials with an invoice (which is the preferred method of purchasing), or
    • we are purchasing a title on Amazon and can’t use our corporate card because the funds will be coming from a gift account,or
    • we are not purchasing from Gobi or Proquest using our deposit accounts.
  • When making purchases with the Pcard be mindful of security issues.  Assess the trustworthiness of each vendor.  Is the seller established and reviewed favorably?  Is the website secure?  Inquire about security if ordering by fax or by phone.  Do not send a credit card number by e-mail, ever!


   3. Documenting credit card purchase

  • For online orders, always print a receipt to document your transaction at the time of the sale.  It is okay to print the preview page just prior to submitting the order as long as this page reflects total price, including shipping and handling.  It is very important to double check at this point that no sales tax is being charged. Print out a copy of the original order request and file it.
  • Sign the receipt, date it, and stamp with the account number from which funds will be drawn.  File these securely.
  • Purchases must to be reviewed online with credit card company, US Bank, at https://access.usbank.com/cpsApp1/AxolPreAuthServlet?requestCmdId=login . Check weekly. A username and password will be required.  To review a purchase, check that the amount posted matches your documentation, make sure no sales tax has been charged, and make sure funds are being drawn from the appropriate library account in the allocations section.  Copy and paste the title from your spreadsheet log into the “Comments” box provided.  Scan and upload a copy of the receipt in the attachment section. Put a check mark in the “Approval Status” section and then submit for approval by Fogler financial manager.


  4. Entering purchases into the Library’s Database