12-19 Process EBSCO Large Invoices via FTP

Purpose:  The EDI process is used to import information from a many lined invoice into Sierra in order to avoid manually entering literally hundreds of lines of information into Sierra.

  1.  Log into Ebsconet
  2.  Click on Financial Information tab
  3.   Click on EDI Invoices tab
  4.   Download .INV file for invoice
  5.   Log into Sierra Acquisitions
  6.   Select Import Invoices from the Function menu
  7.   Click on Import in left hand menu
  8.   Click on Get Shipment
  9.   Click in the radio button  for Serials Invoice
  10.   Click on Browse
  11.   Navigate to the .INV file
  12.   Highlight .INV file and click on Open
  13.   On the accept/reject screen, highlight the desired invoice
  14.   Click on Select
  15.   Fix any errors noted in red in the subsequent list
  16.   Click on Process, confirm you want to process the invoice
  17.   Review information on the Approvals dialog box screen
  18.   Click on OK
  19.   The invoice will process
  20.   After posting – to check on a payment record, navigate to an order record from the just processed invoice – the entry from the EDI just run will be the top payment line on the order record.