2-3 Returns, Refunds and Credits

General information for returning materials,  receiving refunds or credits, and processing them in Sierra .

  • Returns (general procedure):
    If a damaged book is received, the postal service lost or destroyed a package, the wrong title was sent, or the order was made in error, direct communication with the vendor is the most successful route (unless they have a simple click or no questions asked return policy). A refund or replacement is usually issued without complications. Enter an internal note in the order record for a book and obtain receipts for any refunds issued so that they can be reconciled (if a credit card was used, a credit will appear on the billing statement and a printout or receipt will be required for our records). See instructions below for applying credits or refunds to orer records in Sierra
  • Returns to Amazon:
    Often, a complete refund is offered if there is a dispute on the condition of the book, if it never arrived, or if it was ordered in error (sometimes shipping is not refunded depending on circumstances). If ordered by Amazon proper (not Amazon Marketplace), there is an A-z guarantee that a product will be refunded. Go to your Order History, select the book(s) in your order history, and then follow the prompts for a return or replacemet. Amazon will provide a shipping label and once packaged, place in the UPS drop box on campus. You will be notified via email, and on the billing statement, when a refund has been processed.

If the order is from an Amazon Marketplace vendor (a third-party vendor), direct communication with the seller is often required. While most refunds or exhanges are successful, they are not guaranteed.

  • Returns to GOBI
    If a book is damaged, duplicated, or incorrectly ordered, fill out our for Instant Credit Memo form found in our share drive. In the package to be returned to Gobi, include a photocopy of the invoice and on the memo record the invoice date, number, isbn, title, amount for the credit and the reason for return and any special notations as needed. Print the YBP return label and tape it onto the box, then place the box in the mail room in the outbound metered mail box. Make a note of the return in Sierra. If we are requesting a refund, Gobi will credit that money back to our deposit account and issue us a credit memo.


  • After an order has been returned:
    • If the order has already been invoiced in Sierra, you need to invoice the credit as well. See the instructions for invoicing Amazon, Pcards, Gobi and Proquest, and follow the same directions, except you will enter all dollar amounts as negatives (ex: -$14.95). The final total should also be a negative dollar amount. This process updates our funds in Sierra with the proper credit amounts. After the refund has been invoiced in Sierra (and posted), you will need to cancel the order record.