3-4 Preparing Gobi/Canadian approval books: review, return, or cataloging

Purpose: To prepare Gobi/Canadian approval books for return or for Cataloging. Gobi selects newly published Canadian titles and sends them to us for review and purchase.

[UPDATE: this procedure not in use as of early 2020]

  1. Gobi/Canadian approval book records are electronically created and invoiced in Sierra.
  2. Search titles for duplicates. Paper duplicates are automatically returned for credit (see Step 8). Set these titles aside.
  3. Write the order record number, a “P” (for approval), and the word “Canadian” on a white slip and put inside book.
  4. Books are put on designated shelf for librarian to review.
  5. After librarian reviews:
    • Books that are accepted will have a white approval slip placed in it. These are the titles we are keeping.
    • Books that are rejected will have an orange approval slip placed in it. These are the titles that we are returning to Gobi.
  6. Books that we are keeping can go directly to Cataloging.
  7. Rejected books will need to be returned to Gobi for credit. No prior return authorization is necessary. Mail to Gobi at the return address provided on the accompanying invoice. (Note: If a large group of books are being returned, make sure to ship with tracking. Otherwise, it’s ok to mail one or two inexpensive books without tracking).
  8. Cancel the order record, and enter an internal note saying that book is a rejected approval book being returned for credit.
  9. Keep a log of returned books. You will need to periodically monitor their return statuses.
  10. Gobi may not notify you when a credit is issued, so periodically search for that credit in Gobi database (search by title). Credit can be downloaded from the site.
  11. Invoice the credit in Sierra as a /_z_, and as a negative amount. This “refunds” the payment that was initially processed when the book was first received and invoiced. After the credit is invoiced and posted, go back into the order record and change the status from a to z