5-2b Requesting a new vendor (supplier) in MaineStreet

Purpose: To request a new vendor to be created in MaineStreet by the Systems Office.

First, you will want to search for the vendor in MaineStreet to make sure a record doesn’t already exist. You can do this by going to MaineStreet > Enterprise Applications > Financials > Suppliers > Supplier Information > Add/Update > Supplier. Change the “Classification” field to “MaineStreet Marketplace” in the drop-down menu. Enter the name of the vendor in the name field.

  • If the vendor exists, write down the 10-digit supplier id, as well as the 3 or 4 letter location code (CHK, ACH, or Epay) found under the “Location” tab. You will need these two codes later. See: “Linking a Sierra vendor to a MaineStreet vendor (supplier).”
  • If a vendor (supplier) does not exist in MaineStreet, you will need to request that a vendor be created by the Systems Office.
    1. Before you request it, you will need to have the vendor fill out and sign IRS Form W9 for U.S. vendors and return it to you (for foreign vendors: IRS Form W8BEN for Individuals, or IRS Form W8BEN-E  for Businesses).
    2. Once you have obtained the completed IRS form, go to the vendor request form  and enter:
      • Company Legal Name (or name of indiviual person)
      • Company Address
      • Preferred Purchase Order Dispatch Method: Choose “Print” from the drop-down menu.
      • Payment (remit) address. If it is the same as the above address, check the box.
      • Check “Yes, the appropriate forms have been submitted” under the IRS box. (They will be submitted right after this portion of the directions)
      • Contact Info: Check “University Employee” and enter in your contact information.
      • Click “Submit”
    3. Email a copy of the W9 or W8BEN for that vendor (as an attachment) to umsvendor@maine.edu. In the email, state that the vendor form has been submitted.
    4. Check to see if the vendor has been created later that day (we are not notified directly when it is created). See Step 1 for searching procedure.
    5. Write down the 10-digit supplier id and the 3 or 4-digit location code. These will be used in “Linking a Sierra vendor to a Mainestreet vendor (supplier).”