5-2c Requesting an update to a MaineStreet vendor (supplier)

Purpose: To request changes to an existing vendor (supplier) in MaineStreet by the Systems Office.

  1. Potential reasons to request a change:
    • If a vendor’s remit address has changed and the MaineStreet remit address is outdated.
    • If a new location code is needed (such as needing a CHK location – an option that creates a paper check to be mailed).
    • If the vendor requests ACH payments. That vendor will need to have Paymode account. The Systems Office (Strategic Procurement) will be able to help them set them one up if they do not already have one. Put the vendor in contact with someone in Strategic Procurement.
  2. Contact the Systems Office (Strategic Procurement) via email at umsvendor@maine.edu with your request and/or the updated information.  (Note: They may need an updated IRS Form: W9, W8BEN, or W8BENE from the vendor before they process your requests. They will let you know.)