1-2 Vendors we use

Purpose:  We order from many sources, but the vendors listed here provide us with special discounts, faster shipping speeds, or selections of hard-to-obtain material.


  • Gobi (formerly YBP):
    We get an 18% discount on “Cloth” or “Other” bindings, and and 8% discount on “Paperbound”, unless the the “List Price Publisher” field indicates a “0” discount. Some publishers also charge a service fee. Books and ebooks can be ordered through their online ordering system Gobi. We maintain a deposit account with Gobi. Our orders are sent with invoices, but those invoices have already been deducted from our deposit account by the time our orders arrive.
  • Proquest (formerly Coutts):
    We generally send orders for English and French language Canadian publications to Proquest. They offer discounts for cloth and paperback books. Books can be ordered through their online ordering system Oasis.
  • Amazon:
    Extremely good source for most materials, including out of print materials, DVDs, Music CDs, and ephemera. We have a corporate account and can use our purchasing card. Fairly quick service, especially for materials ordered directly from Amazon.com and a primary vendor for rush orders for faculty and staff requests.
  • Completebook:
    A useful resource for purchasing books, but requires credentialed permissions to access though MaineStreet marketplace. Shipping is generally free after a purchase of $35 or more and prices for publications are usually a small percentage cheaper than retail. This is a good resource for commonly distributed books, but not as useful for rare or harder to source materials. Like Gobi, this is a good resource for purchasing when using restricted or gift accounts without Purchasing card login details.
  • Abebooks:
    Purchasing card and login details required.
    Excellent resource for out of print materials.
  • Alibris:
    Purchasing card and login details required.
    Excellent resource for out of print materials.
  • Ebay:
    Purchasing card and login details required.
    Commonly used for ephemera and other Special Collections materials. Special Collections Librarian sometimes brings requests which either require a bidding maximum at auction or a “buy it now” option. Some orders are extremely time sensitive.
    Excellent resource for out of print materials.
  • Kanopy (Streaming video):
    Added in 2014. We can lease educational streaming videos from Kanopy for 1 or 3 years ($150 or $350, other prices for title combos). Order via:
    https://www.kanopystreaming.com/shop. When you log into Kanopy, the end date can be seen under the “Licenses” tab. Cataloging needs to know the end date and make it viewable to the public. Include a note in the order record with the lease term, e.g. THREE-YEAR LEASE FROM 4/9/15 – 4/9/18
  • Docuseek2:
    Much like Kanopy, We can lease education streaming videos for 1 or 3 years. Include a note in the order record with the lease term, e.g. THREE-YEAR LEASE FROM 4/9/15 – 4/9/18  
  • University of Maine Bookstore: 
    (207-581-1700) We get 20% on most titles except textbooks. For rush orders, we call the bookstore to see if they have the title on the shelf (check both the book order desk and the text desk).  On rare occasions we ask the Bookstore to order a rush title for us. If we purchase from the UM Bookstore ,we use an IDO. Be careful to use the correct account # on IDOs! Bookstore will keep the original IDO. Need to have a copy of IDO, plus cash register receipt from Bookstore, to give to library financial manager.
  • CRC Press:
    CRC Press is a List Price Publisher for YBP (no discount). We can order from CRC Press directly by mail: they give us a 10% discount, free shipping. Vendor: taylf, vendor note: PRICE ON PURCHASE ORDER REFLECTS A 10% DISCOUNT. SHIPPING TO BE FREE (PREFERRED LIBRARY)
  • Baker & Taylor:
    Used for leased books program only.
  • Educational Music Service:
    (10% discount if 25 or more orders)
    Web site: http://www.emsmusic.com/ Fax order form for institutions: http://www.emsmusic.com/catalogs/ordin.pdf. Most orders for scores (unless ordering direct is indicated) are sent to EDM.
  • J.W. Pepper:
    Another source of scores (especially for orders that have their order #s on them).  Vendor code: EUA  (Formerly: European American)
  • Springer:
    Do not firm order titles from Springer (We get most of their titles electronically as Springer eBooks). The Collection Development Librarian will probably remove from orders any Springer titles that should not be ordered as hard copy, but be on the lookout anyway. There is a list of Springer imprints that should not be ordered and another list that are excluded from the Springer eBook collection. There are exceptions and these can be purchased if orders are submitted with prior approval.