7-3 Fund Activity report

Purpose: To clear the weekly payment history file in Sierra after Interface. Failure to do this step will cause duplicate payment requests to be sent to Mainestreet during the next interface.

In Sierra:

  1. Choose “Funds” under the “Acquisitions” section of the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the “Activity” tab on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter today’s date in the “Report Header field”.
  4. Click “Start”.
  5. An activity summary box will appear, click “OK”.
  6. A report of all financial activity that occurred within the past week will be compiled and displayed on the screen. This may take several seconds.
  7. When you see “Fund Activity Report Complete” message appear at the bottom left of the  screen, click “Print to email”. Enter your maine.edu address.
  8. A dialog box will pop up and ask you two questions:
    • Printout ok?
    • Clear Pay History?
  9. Check both boxes. It is critical that Pay History is cleared. Otherwise, this file will be sent to Mainestreet during the next interface and duplicate payments could be issued to vendors.
  10. If you are unsure if the pay history file was successfully cleared, there is a backup method:
    • From your current screen, click the “Funds” tab right above the “Activity” tab that you clicked in step 2.
    • Click on “Tools” at top of screen.
    • Choose “Clear payfile history” from the drop-down menu.
  11. Go to your email and copy and paste the report into a Word document. Font: Courier New. Font size: 9.
  12. Save using current mmddyy as a file name, in our Sharepoint drive under: Acquisitions > Fund Activity Reports > Current fiscal year