7-5 Acquisitions Statistics

Purpose:  To provide instructions for the monthly collection, assembly, and distribution of monograph acquisitions statistics.

Statistics for the Acquisitions/Collection Services Department are kept on an ongoing basis by pertinent staff, and are reported monthly to the department administrative specialist.  The form for recording Acquisitions monthly statistics is located in the “Forms” file of Collection Development shared network folder.  Staff are requested to submit their monthly statistics by the 10th of the following month.

Transfer Monthly Statistics Data to Spreadsheet

The department administrative specialist records the numbers on an Excel spreadsheet located in the statistics file saved in the Collection Services shared network folder.

Example of Acquisitions Statistics Spreadsheet Setup

Three hard copies of the spreadsheet are then printed on the color printer. One copy is saved in the administrative specialist’s Monthly Statistics file; one copy goes to the Head of Collection Services Department; and one copy is sent to the library’s Financial Manager.

Annually, at the end of the fiscal year, the Collection Services administrative specialist copies the current monthly statistics spreadsheet onto a new sheet of the same Excel file and revises dates, colors, comparison figures, etc. to make a new spreadsheet for the upcoming fiscal year.