7-6 Database Usage Statistics

Purpose:  To provide instructions required for collecting University of Maine (Orono) database usage statistics for the calendar year report, or as needed.

The Head of Collection Services determines which database vendors and/or specific databases are to be included in the Orono database usage reports, and will advise on adding or subtracting vendors or databases as new ones are added or eliminated. The Head of Collection Services provides initial instruction to the department administrative specialist regarding how the usage statistics are accessed, i.e., a URL with username and password, a monthly emailed report, or contact information for requesting a report from the vendor. Usage statistics are necessary for subscription renewal decisions and annual ACRL reporting.

Maintain Access Instructions

Maintain “Database Usage Statistics” instruction file on restricted internal library network drive using Microsoft Expression Web 4 software. Update as needed with new web site URLs, instructions, and/or usernames and passwords whenever vendor platforms or permissions change. Add to or delete from the list of databases tracked, as instructed by Head of Collection Services. Contact vendor technical support or designated contact person if necessary for assistance to access usage statistics.


Collect database usage statistics annually at the end of January, or as soon as available, for the previous calendar year. Set up an Excel file “Orono Database Stats – [year]” with separate sheets in alphabetical order for each database title or vendor listed in the “Database Usage Statistics” instructions file. “COUNTER 4, DB1, Total Searches,” with a monthly breakdown of the annual total searches, is the current default report format to use whenever possible. Note if statistics reported are other than “searches,” i.e., page views or successful full-text article requests. For each title, export or copy/paste data or a screenprint of the pertinent annual usage statistics report to the corresponding spreadsheet page.


Transfer calendar year “total” search data for each database/vendor and record in a Excel “[year] Orono Database Stats Tally” file in order to present total annual usage data in concise format on a single page. Use two columns listing 1) name of database/vendor and 2) number of total searches for the year. Make note if number reported reflects other than “searches.”

The annual Orono Database Stats report and Orono Database Stats Tally report files are both saved in the Collection Development shared drive folder.