8-1 Selection and Ordering – Baker & Taylor Leased Books

Purpose:   To make monthly selections and order using the Baker & Taylor leased book plan.  The plan allows the library to provide recent popular fiction and non-fiction works on a temporary basis.

Monthly selection list

  1. Acquisitions staff receive the monthly “Booking Ahead” Excel sheet via e-mail. The sheet is dated YYYYMM. The MM indicates the month in which the orders should be made, two months in advance of the publication date of most of the titles being ordered. (If for some reason the e-mail is not received, the fiction and non-fiction lists can be downloaded on the B&T web site:
    1. https://ts360.baker-taylor.com/_layouts/CommerceServer/DefaultNonLogin.aspx.
    3. etc. )
  2. A couple weeks prior to the MM date, or as soon as you receive it, go to the “Editable Excel” tab option, clean up data in Excel by removing headers, expanding descriptions so they’re readable, etc., and create a shared Google sheet. Share to library staff with instructions to mark selections by [date].
  3. Tally “votes” and let Head of Collections know list is ready for final selection of monthly quota of 20 points. Quota may be borrowed or carried over to the next month’s allowance. The number of points used should be noted/tracked so that we know how many points are available for the next month’s ordering, and for reconciling with the “Quota Status Report” emailed by Baker & Taylor each month. There are occasional adjustments when credited for a back-ordered book that ends up being cancelled.
    1. (1 point): $29.00 and under
    2. (2 points) $29.01 to $39.00
    3. (3 points) $39.01 to $49.00


  1.  Log in to Baker & Taylor account at https://ts360.baker-taylor.com/_layouts/CommerceServer/DefaultNonLogin.aspx
  2. Create a new order cart.
    1. Carts>Manage Carts
    2. Click on “New Cart”. Use YYYYMM for cart title, to match the Booking Ahead sheet being used.
    3. Set as Primary cart.
    4. P.O.# – use the ordering date, i.e. 08092023 for August 9, 2023.
    5. Select “F915892 Lease” in the Book Account drop-down menu.
    6. Under “Entertainment Account” clear the number by highlighting/backspacing.
    7. Click “Create Cart.”
  3. Add selections to cart
    1. Open the newly created cart by clicking on the cart title YYYYMM link.
    2. Search each title by ISBN number and click orange ADD button. (Do not search by title, since this will bring up other versions of the title that are not part of our lease plan.)
    3. When all titles have been added to cart, view completed cart. Check that number of selection spreadsheet  titles matches number of cart titles, and that titles match.
    4. Change results view to “30” records (so all selections display on one page).
    5. Item Actions>Set Quantity>1 (unless for some reason we are ordering more than one copy of a title).
  4. Submit order> Submit order.
  5. Create order records in Sierra (note here record fields and processes specific to B&T, or in future we could make a template for B&T order records).
    1. Do not attach our order records to BPL brief order bibs, if any.
    2. If ordering was late and some book matches are already fully cataloged in Sierra, attach our order record to the full bib.
  6. Record lease book title orders info on spreadsheet in B&T folder.